South Sudan’s Endless Nightmare

The international community is finally grappling with the bloody horrors of South Sudan. But it might be too little, too late for its most desperate and displaced.


Are the Kurds carrying out a campaign of ethnic cleansing?

Diplomats and human rights workers claim that America’s closest ally in Iraq is engaged in a campaign of ethnic cleansing designed to push Arabs out of the future Kurdish state.


The Man Behind the Iron Chancellor

Merkel got the Greece deal she wanted, but it caused rifts in her party and strengthened the hand of her hard-line finance minister.


It’s Not the Taliban — It’s the Islamic State

As U.S. troops prepare to withdraw from Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani has found a new reason for them to stay.


Judgment Day for Hissène Habré

Twenty-five years after he fled to Senegal, Chad’s former dictator is on trial for allegedly overseeing the killing and torturing of thousands of his own people. Will his victims see justice?


Has Prime Minister Tsipras Dug His Political Grave?

The capital is in revolt. Has Prime Minister Tsipras dug his political grave?


Just Who Is Actually Governing Nigeria?

Muhammadu Buhari promised to end corruption, defeat Boko Haram, and end Nigeria's oil woes. But six weeks into his presidency, he hasn't picked any advisors to enact his ambitious agenda.



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