Somalia’s Presidential Election for 14,000 People

The vote was supposed to mark the culmination of the war-wracked country’s democratic transition. Instead, it’s a backroom deal greased with Gulf petrodollars.


Why Is an American MMA Fighter Involved in Russian Politics?

American MMA fighter Jeff Monson is a posterboy for the Russian Communist Party's propaganda push. But he may be a pawn in a larger game.


It Takes a Village to Kill a Child

The death of a 1-year-old Nigerian toddler had many authors — Boko Haram’s viciousness, his own government’s negligence, and starvation’s relentlessness.


Can This Man Save The Europe-Turkey Migrant Deal?

Gerald Knaus came up with the plan that stopped the flood of refugees from Turkey into Europe. Now it’s teetering on the brink of failure -- and he’s launched a one-man effort to save it.


Can Aung San Suu Kyi Bring an End to Civil War in Myanmar?

A fledgling peace summit brought together democracy leaders, military chiefs, and warring ethnic rebels. But it didn’t go all that smoothly.


Congo’s President Is Preparing for War Against His Own People

Joseph Kabila isn’t preparing for new elections to pick a successor. He’s steeling himself for massive popular unrest by stocking up on riot gear and water cannons.


Inside the Syrian Dust Bowl

The Assad family’s favorite international development organization tried to turn Syria into an agricultural powerhouse. Its failure sparked a civil war.

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