The Metamorphosis of an Islamic State Warrior

Meet Abdelaziz Kuwan, a nice young man from Bahrain who went to Syria to fight Assad. Before long he was raping girls and beheading men.


The Final Betrayal of Egypt’s Revolution

The democratic revolution in Tahrir Square awakened high hopes in Egyptians. Two years later, it ended in blood and tears.


Watching Top Gun in Tehran

Life in 1980s Iran was unbearable. And then Masoud the video-man came to call.


And the City Swallowed Them

A model, a murder, and the seamy underbelly of 2008 Shanghai.


The Islamist Identity Crisis

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood became more illiberal after its first brush with power -- sparking an authoritarian reaction that makes a democratic future seem further away than ever.


A Murder in the Kingdom

The unsolved killing of a photographer in Bahrain's forgotten Arab Spring.


How Zionist Extremism Became British Spies’ Biggest Enemy

In World War II's aftermath, MI5 turned to fight a new threat. It wasn't the Soviets. It was bombers from Jerusalem.


The Seduction of George W. Bush

How the president of good and evil bromanced Vladimir Putin. And how a warm friendship turned to ice.


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