International Monitor Quietly Drops Drone Surveillance of Ukraine War

The drones were repeatedly shot out of the sky by surface-to-air missiles. Suspending the program effectively blinds observers to numerous cease-fire violations.


European Diplomats Poised to Directly Blame Russia for Aleppo Siege

A draft statement, obtained by Foreign Policy, for the first time explicitly calls out Moscow for its role in the devastating Syrian bombing campaign.


South Sudan’s Attacks on U.N. Could Imperil Future Peacekeeping

Since violence flared this summer, South Sudanese government forces have mounted increasingly brutal attacks against U.N. workers.


U.S. Weighs Iran-Style Sanctions on North Korea, Risking a Rift With China

To stop Pyongyang's march to a nuclear arsenal, the White House is looking to target Chinese companies that bankroll Kim Jong Un’s banned weapons.


Hunting for Syria’s Hidden Chemical Weapons

International inspectors find gaping holes in Syria’s chemical weapons declarations, raising concern that Assad may have hidden some of his deadliest warfare agents.


Punished U.S. Navy Officer Believes He Prevented a War With Iran

The skipper of the boats captured by Iran this year says he should be commended and not penalized for averting a potential firefight in the Persian Gulf.

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