Punished U.S. Navy Officer Believes He Prevented a War With Iran

The skipper of the boats captured by Iran this year says he should be commended and not penalized for averting a potential firefight in the Persian Gulf.


How OPM Bilked a Security Contractor That Confirmed a Major Hack

A new report says that the Office of Personnel Management was shockingly negligent in responding to multiple cyberattacks. But when Ben Cotton discovered fake anti-virus files, the agency jumped into action — and then refused to pay his company.


Dinner, Drinks, and a Near-Fatal Ambush for U.S. Diplomats

President Salva Kiir has been feted by the White House. So why are his goons trying to kill American officials in South Sudan?


U.N. Ceremony Ending Colombia’s Civil War Nixed After DOJ Objections

The Obama administration wanted a big show in New York to ink Colombia's peace deal. But the Justice Department balked at letting terrorists and drug dealers into the country.


The World May Never Know if Syria Really Destroyed All Its Chemical Weapons

Syria’s mustard gas program leaves behind a trail of contradictions, discrepancies, and unanswered questions.


U.S. and Europe Say Assad May Have Kept Some Chemical Weapons

Damascus promised to destroy its entire arsenal, but the world’s chemical weapons watchdog suggests Assad may have squirreled some away.

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