U.N. Plan Calls for Intel Team in Damascus

The U.N.’s envoy to Syria wants to set up an independent information-gathering unit to monitor a cease-fire says a confidential document.


In Confidential Memo, U.N. Says It Can’t Enforce a Syrian Peace Deal

Staffan de Mistura highlights the limits of the world’s power to effectively monitor any Syrian peace deals.


U.S. Mounts Last-Ditch Effort to Save Syria Talks as Turks Threaten Boycott

Peace negotiations face new hurdle as Syrian opposition groups — and their powerful backers — battle over who should attend the talks.


U.N. Envoy Signals That Riyadh Is Obstructing Syria Peace Talks

Saudi Arabia is sidelining the diplomat charged with ending the brutal Syrian civil war — and complicating the push toward a deal.


Hagel: The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me

In an exclusive interview, Chuck Hagel said the Obama administration micromanaged the Pentagon, stabbed him in the back on the way out — and still has no strategy for fixing Syria.


The U.N. Official Who Blew the Lid off Central African Republic Sex Scandal Vindicated

Anders Kompass was cleared of charges that he improperly gave the French a confidential paper documenting sexual abuse in the Central African Republic.

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