Did the Pentagon Cook the Books on Its Afghanistan Intel?

The military has been accused of fudging the numbers in the fight against the Islamic State. Congress wants to know if it did with the Taliban too.  


Netanyahu Visit Sparks Internal Backlash at Powerhouse D.C. Think Tank

In a tense internal meeting, staffers of the Center for American Progress criticized the think tank’s decision to host the Israeli leader.


Syria Crisis Tests Newfound Détente Between Washington and Tehran

Obama personally assured Riyadh and other powers their interests would not be undermined in Syrian peace talks if Iran was at the negotiating table.


Winter Is Coming for Syria's Refugees

In an exclusive interview with Foreign Policy, the United Nations' refugee chief warned that the EU must put politics aside to prepare for winter weather conditions.


New U.S. Czar for Anti-ISIS Fight Will Inherit ‘Job From Hell’

Brett McGurk will face the same problems as his predecessor: a cumbersome strategy and a lack of bureaucratic muscle.


U.S. Support for Saudi Strikes in Yemen Raises War Crime Concerns

A top American lawmaker says the Obama administration’s military assistance to Riyadh may violate U.S. law.


South Sudanese Rebel Leader Blasts the U.S. After Cold Shoulder From the White House

Riek Machar signed a peace deal designed to end one of Africa's worst conflicts, but he says U.S. neglect could unravel it.


In South China Sea, a Tougher U.S. Stance

Rejecting China’s "Great Wall of Sand," the U.S. Navy will patrol near man-made islands constructed by Beijing.


As Air War Intensifies, Saudi Arabia Launches Charm Offensive Before U.N. Summit

With Yemeni civilian deaths mounting, the Saudi government is pulling out all the stops to head off an independent human rights inquiry.

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