The New Strongman of the U.N. Security Council

From Burundi to Syria, the lone Arab member of the U.N. Security Council is sparking concerns that it’s working to weaken international human rights norms.


Russia Blocks U.N. Report Linking Alleged Sudanese War Criminal to Gold Profiteering

A leader of the militia that terrorized Darfur is pocketing $54 million a year from gold sales. Why won’t Moscow release a confidential report documenting his abuses?


Inside the U.S. Navy’s Iran Fiasco

From mechanical problems to communications breakdowns, new details on how 10 U.S. sailors blundered into Iranian waters and almost sparked an international crisis.


Why Is A Russian Official Linked to a foreign NGO crackdown up for a UN NGO job?

The U.S. and its allies move to block a Russian diplomat from a senior U.N. job overseeing the organization’s relations with human rights champions and other advocacy groups.


U.N. Plan Calls for Intel Team in Damascus

The U.N.’s envoy to Syria wants to set up an independent information-gathering unit to monitor a cease-fire says a confidential document.

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