Iraq’s ‘Good Sunni’

Yazan al-Jabouri, with help from Iranian weapons and U.S. airstrikes, built a Sunni faction of Iraq's Shiite militias. But the fight against ISIS won't be his last.


Candy and Crossroads in Qayyarah

Displaced by ongoing fighting, Iraqi families are braving the journey to safety and stability not far from the offensive in Mosul.


Meet the Tank Girls Taking on al-Shabab

Somalia’s fight against jihad will be decisive for women’s rights — and may be decided by female soldiers.


The Islamic State Just Wants to Watch the World Burn

As Iraqi forces bear down on Mosul, the jihadi group is setting oil wells ablaze, using civilians as human shields, and executing those who try to flee.


The Waves Will Take Us Away

Climate change is destroying thousands of miles of West Africa's coastline. It's only a matter of time before it knocks out the region's economy, too.


West Africa Is Being Swallowed by the Sea

Encroaching waters off the coast of Togo, Ghana, Mauritania, and others are destroying homes, schools, fish, and a way of life.


Europe Wishes to Inform You That the Refugee Crisis Is Over

But the humanitarian and political crises of the great Syrian exodus are just beginning.


Campfire Songs and Kalashnikovs

Welcome to the nationalist Azov Battalion's camp for kids, where young Ukrainian patriots train for battle and sing songs about death to Russians.


Hillary Clinton for President of the United States

A Donald Trump presidency is among the greatest threats facing America, and the Republican standard-bearer is the worst major-party candidate for the job in U.S. history.

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