The Men in the Middle

Two young, charismatic leaders in Israel and Turkey are taking on right-wing governments and trying to transform their countries' politics. Can they change the Middle East without firing a shot?


The Filipino Foreign Minister on What Will Come of Beijing’s Aggressive Maneuvers in the South China Sea

Albert del Rosario, the Filipino foreign minister, talks to Foreign Policy about what will come of Beijing’s aggressive maneuvers in the South China Sea.


The Governor of Lebanon’s Central Bank and Mooted Presidential Candidate Talks Protests and the Syrian War

Riad Salameh, the governor of Lebanon’s central bank and mooted presidential candidate, sits down with Foreign Policy to talk political protests and the economic impact of the Syrian war.


Shadow Banking Is Killing China’s Stock Markets

The parallel banking system that funneled billions into stocks may be about to unravel.


'The Look of Silence' Raises Questions About the Relationship Between Global Capitalism and Western Complicity

Joshua Oppenheimer’s unsettling new film, The Look of Silence, raises questions about the troubling relationship between global capitalism and western complicity.


‘Japan Alone Cannot Guard or Sustain Peace’

Foreign Policy talks to Japan’s former defense minister about reinterpreting the country's constitution to counter China’s peaceful rise.


A Wake-Up Call for NGOs

On the margins of the Oslo Freedom Forum, Tunisian activist Amira Yahyaoui offers a sharp critique of the professional human rights community.


The Leader of Israel’s Joint Arab List Sits Down to Talk About Netanyahu’s Lies and the Challenges Ahead of Him

The leader of Israel’s Joint Arab List sits down with Foreign Policy to talk about Netanyahu’s lies, why Arab women need to work, and why Abu Mazen is afraid of going to war.


Spring Offensive Against ISIS in Iraq ‘Unrealistic’

Former Iraqi Defense Minister Abdul Qader Obeidi sits down with Foreign Policy to discuss the challenges of rebuilding the Iraqi army and the need for U.S. assistance.

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