The Multilateralist

The Multilateralist

Israel, UNESCO, and the United States

The United States is about to lose its vote in UNESCO, the UN organization devoted to educational and cultural issues. Two years ago, UNESCO members ...

The Multilateralist

Could the IMF Get Stuck in the Russia-Ukraine Feud?

In the last several months, Ukraine has taken several steps toward a move advanced relationship with the European Union. Via the BBC: The EU has ...

The Multilateralist

How Popular is the United Nations with Americans?

The Better World Campaign recently released the findings of a regular survey it conducts on attitudes in the United States toward the United Nations. It ...

The Multilateralist

The World Bank and IMF on the Debt Ceiling Debate

The annual meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund are underway--and officials from both institutions are fielding questions about what the U.S. political ...

The Multilateralist

France’s Plan to Fix the Veto

The last two weeks have seen more UN Security Council action on Syria than the previous several months. But in today's New York Times, French ...

The Multilateralist

World Bank Headed Into the Danger Zone

World Bank president Jim Kim has frequently called on the institution he leads to become less risk-averse. In a recent speech, he made clear that ...

The Multilateralist

Global Governance by Annoyance

Many observers of this year's United Nations meetings focused on two tests to the organization's credibility. Most central was whether the Security Council could enact ...

The Multilateralist

Assessing the Security Council’s Syria Handiwork

The outlines of a United Nations Security Council resolution on Syria are now clear. The permanent five members have struck a deal, and it's expected ...

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