The South Asia Channel

The South Asia Channel

India Sees a New Regional Role for Its Navy

New Delhi still has a ways to go before it can live up to its regional aspirations.

The South Asia Channel

To Save Bangladesh, Political Parties Must Return to the Country’s Founding Principles

Bangladesh once again faces an existential threat posed by religious extremists.

The South Asia Channel

Pakistan’s Quiet Revolution Against Polio

While the country's path to eradication hasn’t been easy, there is now reason for optimism.

The South Asia Channel

Pakistan’s Counterterrorism Challenge

With the world's attention turned elsewhere, Pakistan has persisted in its efforts to counter violent extremism.

The South Asia Channel

India Acts East

Washington’s pivot to Asia gets all the attention, but India’s pivot east will redefine regional politics.

The South Asia Channel

Is Pakistan Safe for Christians?

Fear is a daily reality for Pakistani Christians. From public persecution to targeted terror attacks, Christianity and those who practice it continue to be under threat.

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