How America Can Unleash India’s Massive Economic Potential

How America Can Unleash India’s Massive Economic Potential

President Barack Obama’s successful summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi reminds us that India, no less than China, will help determine the future of Asia and the world – and that India and America are destined to be allies in support of peace and pluralism in the emerging global order. Modi underlined this point when he said the U.

Beheading of Japanese Citizen Leaves Tokyo With Agonizing Choice

Beheading of Japanese Citizen Leaves Tokyo With Agonizing Choice

The Islamic State murdered one of its two Japanese hostages. Now, the group is demanding the release of a prisoner for the life of the second.

Why China’s U.S. Treasury Sell-Off Is Good News

Why China’s U.S. Treasury Sell-Off Is Good News

Can Beijing’s sale of dollar reserves actually be a positive for America’s economy?

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Beheading of Japanese Citizen Leaves Tokyo With Agonizing Choice

The Islamic State beheaded one of the two Japanese citizens it has been holding, but signaled a potential willingness to negotiate over the fate of ...

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Davos Diary: When it Comes to Human Rights in China, It’s Don’t Ask, Won’t Tell

Why the World Economic Forum will talk about many things -- but not human rights in the world’s biggest county. (There are definitely other things they don’t talk about.)

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Davos Diary: The Strange Case of a Missing Chinese Journalist

Does Davos Miss One of Its Biggest Chinese Stars, ensnared in a corruption probe?


Davos Diary: Huawei’s Reclusive Founder Wants You to Know Just How Useless He Is

On Thursday morning, Huawei’s founder and President Ren Zhengfei gave an on-the-record and live-streamed interview with the BBC. Huawei is the world’s largest maker of ...

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Davos Diary: Should Kim Jong Un Score an Invitation to Davos?

The business and political elites in Davos say yes.

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How to Contain an Asian Country That Will Remain Nameless

Florentine philosopher-statesman Niccolò Machiavelli wrote that keeping pace with the times is the paramount challenge of statecraft. If so, the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and ...

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Why Did the West March for Paris but Not for Kunming?

In the days since the attacks that killed 12 people at the Paris offices of the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, Chinese netizens have watched the ...


Davos Diary: Here Are the Top Three China Stories to Watch Out For

There's a saying that the shakier a major country's economy is, the bigger splash it tries to make at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, ...

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Chinese Websites Deleted One Billion Posts in 2014, State Media Says

The final statistics from a 2014 Chinese Internet crackdown are in, and they are staggering. On Jan. 17, Xinhua, China's state-run news agency, announced that Chinese websites had ...

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The Replacements

Meet the former officials trying to backchannel their way into a peace deal with Pyongyang.


Could a Strong U.S. Dollar Wreak Havoc on Emerging Markets?

Good news for the U.S. economy could turn out to be bad news for the rest of the world in 2015, a growing number of ...

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China’s Drone Program Keeps Stealthily Inching Forward

China’s slow, incremental march toward a cutting-edge air force quietly continues. According to photos posted online in December and recently highlighted by Jane’s Defence Weekly, ...

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Kazakh Child Soldier Executes ‘Russian Spies’ in Islamic State Video

In a video released Tuesday by the Islamic State, two men described as Russian agents testify that they had attempted to spy on the militants, ...


How Russia’s Sinking Economy Could Provoke Unrest on Its Doorstep

With oil prices plummeting, the ruble tanking against the dollar, and the Russian economy squeezed by Western sanctions, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Monday ...


The Sanctions-Proof Superpower

With the ruble in the dumps and the Russian economy in shambles, Vladimir Putin’s compatriots can easily count the cost of his territorial ambitions. Moscow ...

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New Year’s Surprise: Jailed Chinese Pol Bo Xilai ‘Physically Okay’

After receding from Chinese headlines, the tumultuous family life of jailed politician Bo Xilai flashed briefly into public view on Jan. 1 before disappearing once again. In ...

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Obama Slams North Korea With Sanctions for Sony Hack

Hackers allegedly conspiring with North Korea were unable to keep The Interview, a film that depicts a fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong ...

Military Museum Of Chinese People’s Revolution Opens To Public Free

The Year the Training Wheels Came Off China

A mini-milestone is upon China: It is likely to end 2014 with a $10 trillion economy, making China only the second country after the United ...

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What if ‘The Interview’ Took Place in China?

The television host Dave Skylark, played by James Franco in The Interview, wants to know why people hate him and what he represents. Why do ...

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Chinese Web Users Vent Outrage at Gmail Block

It just got a bit harder to use the Internet in China, part of a pattern of slowly eroding web freedom that’s now seeing signs of ...

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Inside the Controversy Over Pyongyang's Associated Press Bureau

What happens when a respected news organization sets up a bureau in the world’s most repressive state? Compromises, and lots of them. On Dec. 24, ...

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‘The Interview,’ Once Pulled from Theaters, Can Now Be Watched from Your Couch

If you made plans to head to one of the hundreds of theaters set to screen The Interview tomorrow, you might want to cancel them. ...

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Take That, Pyongyang: ‘The Interview’ to Get Limited Christmas Day Release

That was fast. Four days after President Barack Obama publicly called out Sony Pictures for betraying American values by pulling The Interview, a movie that ...

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A Hollywood Frenemy Wants to Help Sony Release ‘The Interview’

The United Nations Security Council is meeting Monday to discuss North Korea’s bleak human rights record, the first time the council has taken up the ...

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un waves a

Kim Jong Un Could Use a Handshake from the U.S. Too

The contrast in America’s relations with its two remaining Cold War villains could not be starker. On Dec. 17, Barack Obama dropped a foreign policy ...


When All Else Fails, Hack Hollywood

Kim Jong Un isn't afraid of Seth Rogen and James Franco. He's afraid of the world focusing its attention on his regime's true crimes.

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Obama Hammers Sony for Pulling ‘The Interview’

  This story has been updated. Hours after the FBI formally accused North Korea of carrying out a devastating cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment, President ...

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