Signs of Resistance to China’s Latest Ideological Crackdown

Signs of Resistance to China’s Latest Ideological Crackdown

Forcing students to reject ideas from the West may just encourage them to live there instead.

Central Asia’s Cheap Oil Double Whammy

Central Asia’s Cheap Oil Double Whammy

Lower oil prices and a tottering Russian economy are multiplying headaches from Baku to Bishkek. But that could be a boost for China’s Silk Road dreams.

Bad Chinese Statistics: Panda Census Edition

Bad Chinese Statistics: Panda Census Edition

New data shows China's panda population to be growing. Can the numbers be trusted?

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Bad Chinese Statistics: Panda Census Edition

China has a complicated relationship with statistics. The country has in recent years been widely accused by executives and academics of faking economic statistics. But ...

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The Word That Broke the Chinese Internet

It might be gibberish, but it's also a sign of the times. The word duang, pronounced “dwong,” is spreading like wildfire throughout China’s active Internet ...

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Meet America’s New Public Enemy No. 1

Move over, China. Americans have a new public enemy No. 1. According to a new Gallup poll, 18 percent of the American public now views ...

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Chinese Dissident Accuses Top U.S. Diplomat of Lying

In April 2012, blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng escaped from house arrest in a rural village and sought refuge in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. ...

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Asia’s New Triple Alliance

Democracy has not featured as a theme of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy. He took office promising to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, not ...

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From China, Love and Hate for Common’s Oscar Speech

After ascending the stage to receive the Oscar for Best Original Song along with popular crooner John Legend, the Chicago-born hip-hop artist known as Common sought to ...

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Five Predictions for Chinese Censorship in the Year of the Sheep

Blocked websites, jailed journalists, and nationalist rhetoric have long been features of the Chinese Communist Party’s media control strategy. During the Year of the Horse, ...

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Mainlander Runs for Hong Kong Student Office, Pandemonium Ensues

Affiliation with China's ruling Communist Party is a must for many young Chinese, but it's a resume-killer in Hong Kong. After a mainland student running for ...

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China’s Most Outspoken Real Estate Mogul Just Made Some New Enemies

As the focus of a growing personality cult and the architect of a sweeping crackdown on dissent, Chinese President Xi Jinping may be the strongest ...

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Old Type Great Power Relations

Chinese President Xi Jingping cannot be faulted for offering up a formula for Sino-American relations that he calls “New Type Great Power Relations.” From Xi’s ...

Baku City Features

Trapped in Baku

An Azerbaijani dissident married to a U.S. servicewoman has spent the last half-year living in the Swiss embassy in Baku, denied protection by the American ...

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Everyone Gets a Gold Star

Chinese parents fed up with cram schools and rote memorization are sending their kids to Montessori schools. But can a generation of free spirits hack it in modern China?


Is China Making Its Own Terrorism Problem Worse?

Beijing says radicalized members of its Uighur minority are terrorists with ties to the Islamic State and al Qaeda, but its repressive policies may be helping to fuel the violence.

Obama Discusses His Immigration Plan At Visit To Las Vegas High School

White House: We’re Not Indecisive — We’re Practicing ‘Strategic Patience’

Critics accuse Obama of being too slow to act in Syria and Russia. But the administration’s new National Security Strategy says that was the plan all along.

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What Do We Mean When We Say ‘This Is Our 9/11’?

Since the day the Twin Towers fell and a plane smacked into the side of the Pentagon, the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 have become ...

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Chinese Ask: What If the Islamic State Captured One of Us?

“I was talking with my friend today about what would happen if the Islamic State caught a Chinese person.” Provocative though the notion may be, ...

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China’s Great Firewall Is Rising

The Internet just shrank, at least from the perspective of China’s 649 million web users. After Chinese regulators blocked Astrill and several other free and paid-subscription virtual ...


The Long, Strange Trip of China’s First Aircraft Carrier

It’s an epic saga made for Hollywood: the long, strange odyssey of China’s highest-profile weapons acquisition in decades -- the aircraft carrier Liaoning, née Varyag ...

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Islamic State Kills Second Japanese Hostage

This story has been updated. The Islamic State has released a video that shows the killing of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, whose release the Japanese ...

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Finding the Future in China’s ‘Wasteland’

In winter the land is frozen and still. A cloudless sky shines off snow-covered rice paddies, reflecting light so bright, you have to shield your ...

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Beheading of Japanese Citizen Leaves Tokyo With Agonizing Choice

The Islamic State beheaded one of the two Japanese citizens it has been holding, but signaled a potential willingness to negotiate over the fate of ...



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