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Military Facilities Become Focus of Iran Deal

The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Sunday he could tolerate a series of concessions by the White House on Tehran's nuclear program, but a “huge” factor in determining his support for a deal is the degree to which inspectors have access to Iran’s military facilities.

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Situation Report: Drones all around for the Navy; verbal spats among U.S. Middle East allies; and CENTCOM turns media critic

By Paul McLeary and Ariel Robinson Relationship status: complicated. After a pair of dueling press conferences with Iraqi and Saudi government officials on Wednesday,  FP’s ...

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Iran Vote Will Test Corker’s Political Skills

Days ahead of a pivotal vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, a series of new amendments have emerged that could sink a contentious bill on Iran’s nuclear program and jeopardize efforts for this Congress to weigh in on a final deal.

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Situation Report: Kerry and the Cubans; Iran open for business; Abadi to D.C.; Air power ain’t the only power; and more

By Paul McLeary and Sabine Muscat Leading the day: Just a week after Iran and international negotiators reached a preliminary deal regarding Tehran’s nuclear program, ...



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