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Situation Report: Mystery cash in Afghanistan; bigger guns for U.S. troops in Eastern Europe; Russia continues to bulk up; and more fun stuff

By Paul McLeary and Ariel Robinson When too much still isn’t enough. Seems that for a brief time, U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan found a ...

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Situation Report: Poland buys security, Saudi buys time, the U.S. Navy wants to buy more ships; and more of everything else

By Paul McLeary and Ariel Robinson Grounded. The Saudi Arabian-led coalition has halted its month-long bombing campaign against the Yemeni Houthi rebels, coincidentally just as ...


Clear as Mud

NGOs criticize companies’ transparency on “conflict minerals” as firms prepare to file their second annual report on the use of gold, tin, tungsten, or tantalum from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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What Will Loretta Lynch’s Approach to Prosecuting Terrorism Look Like?

With people from Minnesota to California to Colorado to New York recently charged or convicted for ties to the Islamic State, it looks like Loretta Lynch is going to be overseeing a lot of terrorism cases when she’s likely confirmed as attorney general.

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Washington to Americans Stuck in Yemen: You’re on Your Own

The State Department continues to maintain that it has no plans to help evacuate the many U.S. private citizens still stranded in Yemen, stating that “to do so with U.S. government assets could put other lives at risk.”

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Situation Report: More chemical weapons in Syria; Islamic State kicked out of Baiji; French weapons for Lebanon, Chinese oil pumping through Pakistan; and more

By Paul McLeary and Ariel Robinson New Day Rising? On April 19, the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said that Iraqi forces “regained full control” over ...

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Military Facilities Become Focus of Iran Deal

The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Sunday he could tolerate a series of concessions by the White House on Tehran's nuclear program, but a “huge” factor in determining his support for a deal is the degree to which inspectors have access to Iran’s military facilities.

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Korea Plays Nice at Trilateral Meeting With Japan and U.S.

Despite repeated attempts by reporters to bait him into dredging up lingering resentments against Japan, a senior South Korean diplomat bit his tongue, downplaying 70-year-old tensions at a trilateral meeting in Washington.



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