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Situation Report: Ash Carter meets the Kurds; Turkey throws in on Islamic State fight; Russian subs; McCain blasts Marine general; anthrax scandal finally makes Pentagon brass angry; and lots more to round out the week

By Paul McLeary with Adam Rawnsley Change of heart. The week began with a vicious attack by a suicide bomber with suspected links to the ...

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Situation Report: Top U.S. defense leaders crisscrossing Mideast; no big weapons deals expected; Lockheed shopping for chopper maker; friendly fire in Afghanistan; and lots more

By Paul McLeary with Adam Rawnsley War plans. There’s a new plan for kicking the Islamic State out of Iraq. It may not necessarily be ...

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: Four Marines Killed in Chattanooga; Accused Shooter Apparently Killed by Law Enforcement; Feds Now Investigating Attacks as Domestic Terrorism; What to Do About Boko Haram; Japan Rising; and Lots More

By David Francis with Adam Rawnsley Tragedy in Tennessee. Four Marines were killed when a heavily armed lone gunman fired on a military recruitment center ...



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