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SitRep: Mattis in Kabul, Taliban Hit U.S. Base; North Korea Warns Washington; Watch Trump Learn About NATO and Terrorism

China Urges Trump to Be Careful; China’s New Aircraft Carrier; Russia’s Carrier Bulking Up; And Lots More

The Cable

SitRep: SecDef Says Syria Has Chemical Weapons; Second Guessing U.S. Generals; Militaries Scramble to Meet North Korea Threat

Differing Takes on Iran Agreement; France Attack; Wikileaks In Washington’s Crosshairs Despite Trump Praise; More Arms For Saudi

The Cable

SitRep: Mattis, Tillerson Slam Tehran; Carrier Drama Making Allies Uneasy; ISIS Chemical Attack Targets U.S., Aussie Grunts

Drone Strike in Yemen; More Chinese Military Reforms; U.S. Sends Arms to Peshmerga; FBI Hunts Wikileaks Leaker; Israel Buying More Subs

The Cable

SitRep: U.S. Navy Settles Near Korean Coast; Trump Says Iran Deal Working; Russian Bombers Buzz Alaska

Saudi CT Alliance Takes Shape; Navy Officer Exonerated; Congress Wants to Sell Jordan Some Drones; And Lots More

The Cable

SitRep: U.S. to Bolster Iran Deal Enforcement; Pence Again Warns North Korea; Mattis In Middle East

Pentagon Wants In On Yemen; More on New Nork Missiles; Pentagon’s New Nuclear Review Underway; AQ And ISIS Back Together?; And Lots More



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