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Clinton Promises a More Hawkish Approach to Islamic State Than Obama

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton outlined her plans to defeat the Islamic State in a Thursday speech that both defended the Obama administration's current strategy against the militant group -- and proposed a range of hawkish military actions the president has long refused.

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Situation Report: Can the U.S. and Russia form an alliance over Syria; the French way of war; Syrian hospitals in the crosshairs; what Sinjar has hidden; U.S. bombers to Australia; Russian artillery in Syria; and lots more

By Paul McLeary with Adam Rawnsley Bridging the gap. French President Francois Hollande may be preparing to shuttle between Washington and Moscow next week, but ...

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Obama Vows to Veto Syrian Refugee Bill

The White House announced on Wednesday it will veto a Republican bill that will impose stricter requirements for refugees entering the United States from Syria. The bill, scheduled for a vote in the House on Thursday, wouldn’t provide any additional security and would “create significant delays and obstacles in the fulfillment of a vital program that satisfies both humanitarian and national security objectives," said the White House in a statement.

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