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What Today’s Bloody Attack in Tripoli Means for Libya

What Today’s Bloody Attack in Tripoli Means for Libya

If the Islamic State is really behind today's attack on a Tripoli hotel, the leaders of Libya's pro-Islamist faction will find themselves facing some hard choices.

Why the World of Think Tanks Needs a Reality Check

Why the World of Think Tanks Needs a Reality Check

The world of think tanks is due for a reality check.

Dear Egyptians: Happy January 25th. For What It’s Worth.

Dear Egyptians: Happy January 25th. For What It’s Worth.


Why the World of Think Tanks Needs a Reality Check

Every year, American parents turn to U.S. News & World Report’s annual college rankings, a frequently consulted (and just as frequently derided) index indicating year ...


The Final Betrayal of Egypt’s Revolution

The democratic revolution in Tahrir Square awakened high hopes in Egyptians. Two years later, it ended in blood and tears.

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Christian Caryl

If Kurdistan Becomes the World's Next Nation, The Middle East Will Never Be the Same

The Kurds are on the verge of getting a homeland of their own. If they do, the Middle East will never be the same.


Africa’s Next Revolution?

Yet another African autocrat is looking vulnerable. As protests roil Togo, President Gnassingbe stands defiant.

Christian Caryl

It’s a Black Christmas for the Christians of the Middle East

A few weeks ago I found myself at the gates of Saint Elias Church, one of many in the traditional Christian quarter of Erbil, the ...


ISIS Is Sisi Spelled Backwards

We Arabs have been caught for decades between the horns of a false and oppressive dilemma, forced to either support the ruling autocrats in return ...

Christian Caryl

The biggest threat to Ukraine isn’t Vladimir Putin: It’s corruption

What’s the best way to save Ukraine? “By reforming the country,” says Sergii Leshchenko, a freshman member of the Ukrainian parliament. The war against Russian ...


Yemen’s Astonishing Financial Meltdown

SANAA, Yemen — The bustling Rowaishan roundabout in central Sanaa connects the upmarket Hadda district with Algeria Street, a strip of shopping malls and fast food ...


The Two Faces of Azerbaijan’s Government

Azerbaijan’s most famous investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova is the latest in a long list of Azerbaijani activists to become political prisoners. Ismayilova, a journalist with ...


Home Away From Home

Attachai Anantameak leads us down a narrow alley and up a flight of stairs into an apartment that serves as a safe house in a ...


The Costs of Exile

These days, the authorities in post-Soviet countries are making a habit of persecuting their opponents in order to maintain social control. In many cases, the ...


How Do You Say ‘Gridlock’ in Burmese?

RANGOON — Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate who leads Burma's opposition, summed it up during her press conference last week. The country's ...


The Age of Frustration

We mark this year the 100th anniversary of World War I. Books, articles, and events have mourned the costs, celebrated the soldiers, and extolled the ...


Remember What They Died for on the Maidan

Recently there has been growing and justified skepticism about the idea of democracy promotion, particularly in light of the unfulfilled hopes of the Arab Spring, ...


Fukuyama’s Fatalism

In Political Order and Political Decay, the second volume of his magnum opus on the underpinnings of liberal democracy, Francis Fukuyama makes the case that ...

Christian Caryl

The Beacon Dims

The approaching midterm election here in the United States offers fresh occasion for anguish about the fate of American democracy. We have a national vote ...

Christian Caryl

Can Thailand Move Beyond the Coup?

On May 22, exactly six months ago, the military in Thailand launched a coup. The generals in Bangkok announced that they were putting an end ...


Ukraine Wins

CHERKASY, Ukraine — The Ukrainian people emerged from the polls on Sunday with an unambiguous message: They wish to continue their turn to Europe. Five ...


Chasing Away the Democracy Blues

  This article is based on the keynote address from the conference “Does Democracy Matter?” co-sponsored by the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the Kennan ...


Hungary's at the Back of the Class

When foreign ministers from 106 nations met in June 2000 to sign the Warsaw Declaration Toward a Community of Democracies, Hungary was a poster child ...

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Kurdish Forces Retake 1% of the Land Controlled by the Islamic State

Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that Kurdish peshmerga forces in Iraq had retaken 700 square kilometers from the so-called Islamic State. Turns out ...

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