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Cuba's Christmas Surprise for Caracas

Cuba's Christmas Surprise for Caracas

Where the Executioners Sue Their Victims

Where the Executioners Sue Their Victims

Freedom of the Press for Beginners

Insecurity Is Destroying Kenya’s Economy

But instead of combating the rise in violence, politicians in Nairobi are talking loud and saying nothing.

76320551 Voice

Believing it Can Remake the Regime in Havana Is the Worst Kind of American Exceptionalist Fantasy

When the New York Times decides to run a banner headline in virtually every one of its domestic and international editions, it usually means something ...

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Even if the U.S. Lifts the Embargo, Castro May Get the Last Word

This week’s surprise rapprochement with Cuba raises tantalizing prospects for U.S. companies: the decades-long American embargo could be lifted, giving the firms access they haven’t ...

76398054 Argument

Everyone’s Congratulating Tunisia’s New Democracy. So Why Are Young People Tuning Out?

Tunisia has much to be proud of. After all, it was the “Tunisian street” that launched the Arab Spring of 2011 and chased dictator Zine ...


Why the Economic Ramifications of the U.S.-Cuba Deal Are Smaller Than Meets the Eye

President Barack Obama wants to normalize relations with Cuba. He’s made no secret of this fact since he carried Florida in the 2008 election, even ...

76325956 Report

With Russia's economy in free-fall, will new sanctions finally force Moscow's hand?

Apple shut down the iTunes store, people are racing to buy washer/dryers, and other scenes from an imploding Russian economy.

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Not Everything Is Chugging Along Smoothly for China's International Rail Expansion

The railroad barons of China made their largest overseas deal ever on Nov. 19, signing a $12 billion contract with the government of Nigeria to ...


Who Will Foot the Bill in Ukraine?

When it comes to fighting the economic battle over Ukraine, the West has been much more willing to hit Russia in its pocketbook than play ...


Venezuela’s Maduro Must Adapt to Survive. He Won’t.

The international price of oil has dropped by more than 40 percent in the past six months. To put it lightly, this presents a major ...


Yemen’s Astonishing Financial Meltdown

SANAA, Yemen — The bustling Rowaishan roundabout in central Sanaa connects the upmarket Hadda district with Algeria Street, a strip of shopping malls and fast food ...


Terrorism Risk Insurance Gets House Extension

House Republicans and Democrats found common ground on backing the terrorism insurance industry and voted to extend a federal backstop for the industry Wednesday, as ...

76320551 Argument

The Messy Side of Falling Oil Prices

Beijing may have popped the Fed’s oil bubble, and everyone’s getting splattered.


Will Abenomics Retain Its Majority in December’s Election?

Shinzo Abe, Japan’s adventurous prime minister, won the country’s last election in December 2012 in a landslide. A few months later, his pick as central ...

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The Proposal to Redesign the Dollar That’s Weirdly Blowing Up the Internet

When Travis Purrington, an Idaho-born designer, embarked in 2011 on a project to redesign the dollar as part of his master’s degree, he paid a ...

30437889 Argument

It’s Time to Rethink How We Do Development

As the latest version of Band Aid heads to Number 1 in the U.K. charts again, it's starting to feel like Groundhog Day in development ...

30437889 COLUMN

Can China’s Central Bank Ever Be Independent?

Eventually, it seems, the pressure was just too much. The governor of the People's Bank of China (PBOC), Zhou Xiaochuan, and his colleagues didn't want ...

30437889 In Box

Epiphanies From Christine Lagarde

When Christine Lagarde took over the International Monetary Fund in 2011, the institution was in crisis. Its previous chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, had resigned amid allegations ...

30437889 The Cable

Iran Nuclear Deal Could Ease the Way for Humanitarian Trade

Financial sanctions against Iran hit the country's economy hard, forcing Tehran to negotiate rolling back its nuclear program with the West. But they've also kept ...

30437889 Passport

Don’t Hate the Norwegians Just Because They’re Better Than You: Passport and Currency Edition

Turns out Norway has more to offer the world than just melodramatic memoirists, stupid television, and really expensive beer. Also: pretty passports and currency. Norwegian ...

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Suing Companies for Atrocities Has Never Been Harder. Thanks, Supreme Court!

If you're a U.S. corporate CEO fearful that your company's actions abroad -- say, setting up a mine and killing some villagers in the process ...

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Why ISIS’s Plan to Launch a Currency Won’t Work

The self-proclaimed Islamic State announced on Thursday that it's going to start minting its own currency. The plan is fairly detailed: The medieval-style dinar will ...

30437889 COLUMN

Is Inequality a Bigger Threat than the Islamic State?

One of the hallmarks of the Age of Fear in which we live is that everywhere we turn there are not only new threats, but ...

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Bolivia to Monkeys: Move Over for Camels and Llamas

The Chinese calendar might say that 2016 is the year of the monkey, but the Bolivian government hopes that the United Nations will give it ...

30437889 COLUMN

This Is Not Your Father’s Stock Market

Do you know who Haruhiko Kuroda is? He's the man who's been selling happy pills to Wall Street for the past couple of weeks, causing ...

30437889 Argument

Dilma’s Smoke, Modi’s Mirrors

For most of the first-half of this year, investors in developing economies had a spring in their step. The bond and equity markets in countries known ...

30437889 Passport

In Finland, Tax Day Is the Best Day

While American televisions and newspapers delved deep into the weeds in their coverage of this week's midterms elections, Finland's media turned their attention to their ...

30437889 Christian Caryl

Remembering the Fall

We all have those moments in our lives that we remember with unstinting clarity. In my case, they include my wedding day, the birth of ...

30437889 Exclusive

Exclusive: U.S. Firms Raced to Get Government-Backed Financing Before the Money Disappeared

This September, as the U.S. trade bank faced possible extinction, more American companies sought the bank's backing than during any other month this year. The ...

30437889 Report

Cold Comfort

Russia's central bank surprised economists Friday by hiking interest rates 1.5 percent, which was more than many expected, but it might take much more to ...

30437889 Argument

West Africa’s Financial Immune Deficiency

In recent months, as the spreading Ebola emergency took center stage in Washington, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) have pledged $530 million ...

30437889 Report

Lagarde Pushes U.S. Lawmakers to Pass IMF Reforms

Congress should pass a package of reforms and funding increases for the International Monetary Fund that have been languishing for four years, IMF Chief Christine ...

30437889 Transitions

Venezuela’s OPEC Headache

The steep drop in the price of oil we have seen the past few weeks threatens to have profound political consequences. It provides a welcome ...

30437889 Transitions

Democracy Lab Weekly Brief, October 27, 2014

To catch Democracy Lab in real time, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Larry Diamond makes the case for promoting democracy at a time when ...

30437889 Report

A Nuclear Deal Might Not Set Off an Iranian Business Boom

American and Iranian negotiators are racing to cobble together a nuclear deal before a late-November deadline and both sides are signaling cautious optimism that an ...

30437889 Argument

Making Bank

Later this week, the Chinese government will convene a multilateral meeting in Beijing that is either an act of enlightened global leadership or a not-so-subtle ...

30437889 COLUMN

The Canary in China’s Central Bank

How quickly will China follow through on the ambitious package of economic reforms its government adopted last November? With quarterly growth in the country's output ...

30437889 COLUMN

Is Laziness the Cause of Economic Inequality?

Once, laments over economic inequality were the sole purview of the left.  But now the growing gap between the rich and the poor is a ...

30437889 COLUMN

When the Petrodollars Run Out

It's good to be Vladimir Putin these days. The Russian president can jerk most European countries around without fearing the consequences, thanks to their dependence ...

30437889 The Cable

Emerging Markets Offer No Shelter From the Storm

Though the market panic over the past two days is broadly seen as having been sparked by fears about the European economy, smaller developing countries ...

30437889 Case Studies

For the People, By the People in Indonesia

Note: This article is an abridged version of two case studies (here and here) produced by Innovations for Successful Societies, a research program at Princeton ...

30437889 Christian Caryl

Sorry, Eric X. Li, Democracy Is Not the Problem

The past year hasn't been a happy one for democrats. Most of the Arab Spring uprisings, which inspired so much hope when they started three ...

30437889 Report

Divide and Conquer

Western sanctions against Russia are doing what they were intended to do, inflicting costs on Moscow for taking Crimea from Ukraine and for meddling in ...

30437889 Argument

France Is Living Fat and Giving the Finger to Germany

For the last two years, bond investors have turned a blind eye to the deep-seated problems of the eurozone, from the threat of outright deflation ...

30437889 Report

Drugs, Cash, Luxury Goods, and Maternity Wear

Drug traffickers used to move money through bank accounts and wire transfers. Now, in part because the U.S. and Mexican governments cracked down on banks ...

30437889 Lab Report

How to Bring Brazil’s Economy Back to Life

As Brazilians went to the polls on Oct. 5 to choose their new president, Aécio Neves, the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB) presidential candidate, surged ...

30437889 Passport

Main Street Investors Worry Global Conflicts Could Hit Their Investments

Geopolitical instability is the biggest concern for individual investors, according to a survey released Thursday, Oct. 9. The poll suggests that average investors are worried ...

30437889 The Cable

Kazakhstan’s $1 Billion Bet That It Can Avoid Argentina’s Mistakes

This story has been updated. Kazakhstan is the first country to adopt reforms designed to protect governments and investors from the kind of protracted legal ...

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

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