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Transfer Denied: The Hidden Costs of Washington’s War Against al-Shabab

Transfer Denied: The Hidden Costs of Washington’s War Against al-Shabab

Somali-Americans worry that U.S. efforts to cut the money stream to the African terrorist group could lead to mass starvation back home.

The Last Gasp of the Cuban Collapseniks

The Last Gasp of the Cuban Collapseniks

The critics chastising President Obama for his deal with the Castros are using a tired and lame logic to make their case.

The Curse of Chávez’s Ghost

The Curse of Chávez’s Ghost

Nicolás Maduro’s Venezuela is falling apart. Can anything save its oil-starved economy?

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Transfer Denied: The Hidden Costs of Washington’s War Against al-Shabab

COLUMBUS, Ohio — As a child, Noor Dubow fled war in his homeland of Somalia. Growing up, he fought constantly against hunger while living in ...

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The Curse of Chávez’s Ghost

The precipitous 50 percent collapse in global oil prices since June of last year has laid bare Venezuela’s flimsy economic foundations. The failure of the ...

Euro Faces Continued Uncertainty

The Euro Was a Bad Idea From the Start

After frantic eleventh-hour negotiations and continent-wide hand-wringing, eurozone authorities and Greece’s new left-wing government have reached a deal. If you’re surprised, you shouldn’t be. A ...


It’s Time to Kick Germany Out of the Eurozone

Last year, Germany racked up a record trade surplus of 217 billion euros ($246 billion), second only to China in global export dominance. To some, ...

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Greece Should Not Give In to Germany’s Bullying

It’s not just a question of being morally in the right -- it’s sound economics. And Athens has a lot more leverage that anyone thinks.


State Department Not Alarmed by Shutdown of Money Flow to Somalia

Many companies that send money from immigrants in the United States to friends and family in Somalia shut down this week, but the State Department ...


U.N. Envoy to Somalia Warns Against Cutting Off Remittances

The United Nations’ top official in Somalia warned that thwarting payments sent home by immigrants abroad will cut off a lifeline for Somali families and ...

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The Other Front in Ukraine’s War for Survival

Ukraine needs a win in its negotiations with foreign investors just as much as victory on the battlefield.


Welcome to the Backlash Era, Europe

“Yes We Can” may be a stale slogan in Obama’s America, but in crisis-hit Spain it is the rallying cry of a year-old radical-left party ...


The Secret Berlin’s Bankers Don’t Want Europe to Know

Germany’s tough love for eurozone laggards is all for the public good, they say. But the truth is that keeping Greece in the common currency is only good for a certain part of the public.


Bank Crackdown Threatens Remittances to Somalia

Somali-Americans could find it much harder to send money back home to friends and family after next week. Merchants Bank of California, which handles 60 ...


Political Risk Analysts See Ukraine as a Risky Bet Over the Next 10 Years

Subject to Western sanctions and accused of stirring instability, Russia is, unsurprisingly, a bad bet for global investors. A new analysis out Wednesday concludes that ...

Eurozone Debt Crisis – General Imagery

Sisyphus Just Needs a Hand

Life in Europe these days often feels like a world in which boulders are slowly rolled up steep hills, only to come crashing back down ...

Greece Prepares For This Weekend’s General Election

Greece’s Hope and Change Moment

ATHENS — On a frigid Friday night in mid-January a swarm of journalists from Greek and international media waited outside a cultural center in central ...

Greece Prepares For This Weekend’s General Election

The ECB’s Q.E.D.

Will the European Central Bank’s 1.1 trillion euro quantitative easing prove enough to get the Eurozone economy back on track?

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Egypt to Investors: Autocratic Government Means We’re Safe for Business

A year and a half after Egypt’s generals seized power in a coup from the Muslim Brotherhood, Investment Minister Ashraf Salman arrived in Washington this ...

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The ECB’s Damned-If-You-Do QE Moment

The eurozone is in a dreadful mess. The currency area’s economy is stagnating: It grew by only 0.8 percent in the year to the third ...


Davos Diary: Here Are the Top Three China Stories to Watch Out For

There's a saying that the shakier a major country's economy is, the bigger splash it tries to make at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, ...

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Has Matteo Renzi Lost His Mojo?

ROME — Last September, five months after he became prime minister, Matteo Renzi, with great fanfare, launched a website called Passo Dopo Passo (“Step by ...

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A Holiday Surprise for India’s Economy

What a difference a week makes in India. As I argued last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to boost labor-intensive manufacturing, expand youth employment, ...


Why Greece Needs Syriza to Win

European politics normally pauses for the Christmas break. But this time it erupted with a vengeance. On Dec. 29, Greek parliamentarians rejected the government’s candidate ...


Insurance Companies in the Cross-Hairs of Terror Funding Crackdown

British legislators are considering a new bill that takes aim at a small, secretive niche in the insurance industry that deals with kidnapping and ransom, ...

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Sustaining Afghanistan’s Economy

One-third of Afghans live in absolute poverty and more than one third live slightly above the poverty line. Drug trafficking and corruption have prolonged Afghanistan’s ...

Military Museum Of Chinese People’s Revolution Opens To Public Free

The Year the Training Wheels Came Off China

A mini-milestone is upon China: It is likely to end 2014 with a $10 trillion economy, making China only the second country after the United ...


India Could Still Be a Manufacturing Powerhouse

Can India become a manufacturing powerhouse? Its new Prime Minister Narendra Modi certainly hopes so. Though his country has lately made its name by producing ...


Insuring Against Terrorism, Without the Training Wheels

Is government-backed terrorism insurance crucial to the operation of everything from ports to football stadiums? Or is it just a taxpayer-funded subsidy that Big Business ...

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Little Bread, Lots of Circuses in Venezuela

CARACAS — Between the hills of the Colinas de la Rinconada, enormous earth movers are breaking ground on a monument to the glory of Chávismo. ...


The U.S.-Led Push to Bankrupt the Islamic State Isn’t Working

Washington knows it can't win until it stops the terrorist group from raking in cash. Problem is, they don’t know how to do it.



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