Mapping the Spread of the ISIS Plague

The Islamic State keeps morphing, and the United States and its allies are struggling to keep up.


Workers of the World, Divided!

Estonian parents get two years of paid leave, U.S. prisoners make $.12 an hour, and other statistics to consider this Labor Day.


Mapping Boko Haram’s Growing Insurgency

The militant group's rise is leaving a trail of destruction across Nigeria's northeast.

Tea Leaf Nation

Another Chinese Website Bites the Dust

Crowdsourced translation site Cenci gets "erased from the planet."


There Are as Many Refugees in the World as Justin Bieber Twitter Followers

For the first time since the end of World War II, the total number of refugees in the world has risen above 50 million, according ...


Did the Arab Spring Really Spark a Wave of Global Protests?

The world may look like it's roiling now, but the 1980s were far worse.


Where to Invest Around the World, 2014 Edition

Welcome to this year’s Baseline Profitability Index.


It’s Not Just Kiev

Using Big Data to map Ukraine's protest violence.


Half a Billion Clicks Can’t Be Wrong

What big data tells us about next year’s crisis zones.


One Starship to Rule Them All

What can we learn from the ultimate sci-fi geek chart of warships?


What Can You Buy for $24 Billion?

Here's what the U.S. government shutdown cost.


Mapped: Every Protest on the Planet Since 1979

From Cairo to Wall Street to the West Bank, plotting a world of upheaval.


4 Charts That Explain Why the Post-Recession Eurozone Is Still in Trouble

On Wednesday, Eurostat released statistics showing that the eurozone economy has finally exited its 18-month recession, growing by o.3 percent in the second quarter of ...


Is Australia really the happiest country in the world?

Slow down, Aussies: Australia certainly has plenty to be happy about, but the OECD's new Better Life Index didn't just declare living in the Land ...

War of Ideas

Charts: Some countries are more unequal than others

The OECD is out with its latest data on income inequality in member countries and it's a pretty grim picture. "In the first three years ...

Special Report

The Future of Food

Leading experts tell us what they think is coming next.

Prime Numbers


FP's guide to the coming urban age.


Measuring Globalization: The Days of our Lives

Levels of globalization vs. life expectancies at birth.



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