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The Executioners’ Bill

The Executioners’ Bill

After an alleged series of brutal executions by the Burundian military, should the United States consider cutting off the cash it's giving the country's armed forces?

The Women in the Middle of Syria's Civil War

The Women in the Middle of Syria's Civil War

Rampant sexual assault has unmade allegiances in Syria's civil war -- and it may well get worse no matter which side wins.

How to Stop Extremism Before It Starts

How to Stop Extremism Before It Starts

Endemic corruption is padding the ranks of militant fundamentalist groups. Here's how communities are fighting back.

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Uncle Sam Is Still Running the Wrong Way

Congress’s moves to thwart the executive branch’s negotiation of a deal on Iran’s nuclear ambitions reminds me of the famous NFL blooper where a player ...

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How Not to Fight a Fanatic

This week, against the backdrop of another round of beheadings by the Islamic State, this time in Libya, experts and policymakers from around the world ...

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The Islamic World Versus the Islamic State

The new U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has been calling for an intellectual war against the Islamic State. After the group's latest gruesome execution, it looks like he's finally going to get it.


It's Time for Peacetech to Become an Industry

“I’m terrible at making money,” says Dlshad Othman. The 28-year old Syrian American is the creator of a system that, from June to November 2013, ...

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Is Ebola the New Powder Keg?

In the war on Ebola, the tide may finally be turning. Its incidence continues to fall, Mali is officially Ebola free, and schools in Guinea ...

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Staving Off Nigeria’s Next Train Wreck

Nigeria is scheduled to hold elections in February 2015. They should be postponed. The country is heading into these elections with insufficient preparation, extreme tensions, ...


Can Argentina Find Justice Without Alberto Nisman?

On Jan. 14, Argentine special prosecutor Alberto Nisman filed a legal complaint formally accusing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman of ...

Global Reaction To The Terrorist Attack On French Newspaper Charlie Hebdo

Je Suis Charlie (Until Je Get Scared)

The New York Times tweeted today that the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which found itself the victim of a gruesome massacre, “long tested the ...

Global Reaction To The Terrorist Attack On French Newspaper Charlie Hebdo

The Front Line Within

The Interview was not a very good movie. Charlie Hebdo published satire that strained the bounds of good taste. Journalists who ventured into war-torn Syria ...

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Meet Turkey's "Deep Throat"

This Mysterious Twitter User Predicts Turkish Government Crackdowns

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Pledges on Syrian Refugees Fall Short

The exodus of more than 3 million Syrians from their home country has been called the worst humanitarian disaster since the Rwandan genocide. On Tuesday, ...

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A Good ‘Freeze’ in Aleppo Is Not Enough

As the Obama administration searches for a Syria policy, some officials have become intrigued by an old idea that the United Nations now hopes could ...

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The Murder of Innocents

KABUL — Dr. Hannelie Groenewald was supposed to see patients on Sunday, Nov. 30, but at the last minute her medical clinic asked her to work ...

30437889 Tea Leaf Nation

Taiwan’s Political Déjà Vu

By early December, local election results in Taiwan had mostly been decided. The opposition party and its allies had won 16 of the 23 counties ...

Saudi Shiite women walk past a portrait

Saudi Arabia Has a Shiite Problem

The first thing I noticed when I visited al-Awamiya, a Shiite town in oil-rich eastern Saudi Arabia, was its utter isolation and stark poverty. Ringed ...


Better Off With Bibi?

Despite all the petty politics and infighting, there are still reasons we shouldn't be so quick to assume that elections -- and (possibly) a new prime minister -- will solve Israel's problems.

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The Myth of the Indispensable Nation

In 1996, political journalist Sidney Blumenthal and foreign policy historian James Chace struggled to come up with a memorable phrase to describe America's post-Cold War ...

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Law and Disorder in Mexico

Mexico's attorney general, Jesús Murillo Karam, says his office has finally solved the crime that has riveted his country for more than a month: the ...

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Suing Companies for Atrocities Has Never Been Harder. Thanks, Supreme Court!

If you're a U.S. corporate CEO fearful that your company's actions abroad -- say, setting up a mine and killing some villagers in the process ...

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It’s 2014, and Global Slavery Still Exists on a Huge Scale

In 1981, Mauritania became the last country on earth to abolish slavery. It took until 2007 for it to finally become illegal in that country ...

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Why America Is to Blame for Mexico’s Carnage and Corruption

Mexican protesters are not burning American flags, but they may be soon if the United States doesn't change its approach to its southern neighbor. Whether ...

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Palestinian Push for ICC Investigation Into Israel Could Damage Court

The Palestinians’ decision to join the International Criminal Court aims to put Israel on notice that its troops could be hauled into an international courtroom ...

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Ebola Was Here

MONROVIA, Liberia — Promised by U.S. President Barack Obama in early September, the Monrovia Medical Unit (MMU), built by the United States Army 101st Airborne ...

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Pen-Palling With the Ayatollah

If wearing a tan suit at a press conference is enough to bring on a deluge of criticism, President Barack Obama probably shouldn't be surprised ...

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The Free Market Did Not Bring Down the Berlin Wall

On Nov. 9, 1989, Gunter Schabowski, an East German regime spokesperson, fumbled through a press conference and changed history. Although Schabowski was a member of ...

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