South Asia
A New Turn for Pakistan’s Fight Against Militancy

A New Turn for Pakistan’s Fight Against Militancy

How the March 11 raid on the MQM's Karachi headquarters changed Pakistan.

Why Obama Won’t Visit Pakistan

Why Obama Won’t Visit Pakistan

Pakistan needs to take a hard look at its economic activities and contradictory policies before the United States can or will take notice.

China: Afghanistan’s New Hope

China: Afghanistan’s New Hope

Afghanistan needs China’s financial resources, construction industry, and political leverage. China needs Afghanistan for regional stability. The two need to exploit their mutual need and build a strong partnership.

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The Shelf

The Shelf is a collection of the reviews of books relevant to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and the region that have been commissioned by the South ...

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The South Asia Channel, a collaboration with the New America Foundation and Johns Hopkins SAIS, features deep analysis of issues concerning Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, and covers everything from politics to business to culture.

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