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Civilians still in Raqqa are still civilians

The presence of the US 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Syria to take part in the campaign to capture Raqqa marks a significant shift in U.S. policy in the Middle East, and heralds an unknown future for the city’s civilians.

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An interesting 19th century Navy officer

Uriah P. Levy helped end flogging in the Navy, suffered from anti-Semitic attacks, and was court-martialed six times (he disliked being insulted).

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A Best Defense salute to Duffel Blog

I think I have learned more about the U.S. military culture from reading “Duffel Blog” than I have from many hundreds of academic articles on the subject.

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Making our Army great again

There are three things that the Army needs today to improve its strategic usefulness: increased strategic mobility, a flattened command structure, and improved situational awareness.

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Book excerpt: ‘The Warbird’

This is from The Warbird, a new book by Tara Copp, the Pentagon correspondent for “Stars & Stripes.” It is about her grandfather and her grand-uncle during World War II, and also her own experience of war in Iraq.

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The Marine scandal confirms the need to address the U.S. military’s porn addiction

How can the men of the Marines United Facebook group, who all pledged an oath to serve and protect their country and their fellow Marines, violate their own female comrades by illegally consuming and sharing nude photos and videos of them?


The Geert Wilders Effect

The Islam-hating provocateur isn't going to be the next prime minister of the Netherlands. But he's already won.

Best Defense

McCoy on the Marines and women

Former Marine Sgt. Alexander McCoy, a member of the Best Defense Council of the Former Enlisted, has a good article in the New York Times on how the Marine Corps could deal better with women.


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