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Best Defense

How to make State great again

The Obama administration’s conduct of foreign policy related to global conflict may have frustrated many, but it was both coherent and internally consistent.

Best Defense

Trump: End of the imperial presidency?

A smart conservative friend of mine predicts that Trump thinks he is coming in as emperor, but actually is appointing such a bunch of screw-ups to the White House staff, with a series of conflicting agendas, that he will erode the imperial presidency.

Best Defense

A response: SWOs are doing OK, mate

Thorough post-event debriefs are paramount to developing excellence within our organizations. To put it mildly, it's required to save lives.

Best Defense

Why This Photo Gave Me the Creeps

This Navy photo of sailors making snow angels on the USS Eisenhower is supposed to be cute. But I almost gasped when I saw it.


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