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Killing Isn’t Cool

Why the Pentagon hates Obama's drone war.


Female birth control that could prevent HIV/AIDS in first field test

This is huge: For the first time, trials are beginning for a type of birth control that would allow women to prevent the sexual transmission ...

Best Defense

Hmm — this made me think I may be wrong about Hillary’s email situation

The other day I was pooh-poohing the view that Hillary Clinton did something criminally wrong with her email system. After all, I said to some friends, every four-star general seems to think they can declassify information because of their rank, and VP Cheney held the same view.


Don’t Give ISIS What It Wants

Ensure that cooler heads prevail after an attack, resist the urge for retribution, and other ways to make sure the terrorists don’t win.


From Russia With Schadenfreude

Having suffered through terrorist attacks of their own, residents of Moscow can empathize with Paris. But that doesn’t mean they sympathize.


The Right Time for America to Lead From Behind

After 9/11, the United States relied on help from its friends. Now, it's time to repay the favor.


NATO’s Turn to Attack

There’s a time for soft power and playing the long game. But the attacks in Paris prove the Islamic State is overdue for eradication.


The Blood Feud That Drives the Middle East

Saudi Arabia and Iran's struggle for power is tearing apart the Arab world, even as diplomats frantically try to negotiate a truce.


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