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Elephants in the Room

NATO’s in Crisis! (Again)

Secretary Mattis is not wrong when he says that Europeans should not expect Americans to care more about Europe's security than Europeans themselves do.


The Fog of Trump

Come for the chaos, stay for the consequences. The Flynn debacle is just the tip of the iceberg.

Best Defense

A guidebook for managing military talent

At any mention of personnel reform, most defense wonks and service members will either jump on their soapboxes for a sermon or run for the hills as fast as their legs will carry them.


The U.S. Military Is Reporting Alternative Facts

The Pentagon claims the data it releases about the progress of its wars are accurate, but it turns out they’re cooking the books.


Trump’s First Casualty Is U.S. Counterterrorism

America's success on the battlefield requires Muslim partners. But the president’s travel ban only alienates them.

Best Defense

Firings and such

I think the chief engineer of the Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov should get an Order of Putin medal or something.


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