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Bibipalooza Is a Dangerous Distraction

Why Obama needs to refocus the discussion on our larger Mideast strategy.


Is Obama’s Special Relationship With Bibi Broken?

How to tell whether or not the tension surrounding the Israeli prime minister’s upcoming visit is just fodder for headlines or a sign of something worse.


When Did Obama Give Up?

Six years ago, a visionary president blessed with the rare gift of oratory came to Washington to change the world. What happened?

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McCain on all things military

For the last event in the Future of War conference, I interviewed Sen. John McCain, the new chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, about this and that.

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No, Tom, we shouldn’t go rogue in supporting and arming Anbar’s tribes

By Colin Kiernan Best Defense guest columnist The notion that American military strategy in Iraq should turn to arming individual Sunni tribes in Al Anbar, ...

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Book excerpt: How Brent Scowcroft became Bush’s ‘pain in the ass’ on Iraq

An except from The Strategist: Brent Scowcroft and the Call of National Security, by Bartholomew Sparrow, which was published recently.

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Is Unrestricted Internet Access a Modern Human Right?

Technology has left our constitutions out of date. It's time for a reboot.

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Canadian military cracks down

After various instances of alcohol-fueled problems on deployments, the Canadian navy ripped the beer dispensers out of its ships.


Give Me Your Unskilled European Immigrants, Yearning to Breathe Free

With a lousy economy, xenophobia on the rise, and increasingly autocratic politics, Europeans are trying to get out. So why won’t America let them in?

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More from Lt. Gen. McMaster

General H.R. McMaster has been making the rounds lately, emphasizing the enduring difficulty of war and the fallacy of technological fixes.

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An enlisted view: No boots allowed?

This column inaugurates a new Best Defense feature, “Council of the Former Enlisted,” which seeks to give more voice to the great majority of military personnel and vets who are not or were not officers.


The Great Drone Contradiction

The United States has a new policy on unmanned aircraft systems. But the rest of the world may not like it -- and for good reason.


Say It Ain’t So, Phil

From touting thousands of hidden Chinese nukes to inflating Russian threats, a certain open-source "expert" is doing a disservice to those of us who actually try to fact-check our intelligence work.


Washington: The Wrong City at the Right Time

Why any meaningful summit on countering (or preventing) violent extremism has to happen in the Muslim world.

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Health care in insurgency and counter-insurgency: Some lessons from others

By Col Aizen J Marrogi, U.S. Army; Capt. David Tarantino, U.S. Navy; and Lt. Gen. Robert L Caslen Jr., U.S. Army In their counterinsurgency efforts ...

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Military physical training: It’s a problem bigger than obesity, with no easy solutions

By Jim Gourley Best Defense physical training bureau chief At first glance, the recent introduction of new physical training programs in the Army and Marine ...


What Putin Learned From Reagan

Russia’s power play for Ukraine takes a page out of the Gipper’s playbook. We should have seen it coming.


The Best of Saturday Night Live’s Foreign-Policy Skits

For 40 years the show has skewered world leaders and their politicking with satire and slapstick -- and the world is a better place for it.

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Why did we lose in Afghanistan? That’s easy: We failed to execute the basics

By Lt. Col. Jeremy Kotkin, U.S. Army Best Defense debater in the Gourley challenge "Why did we lose in Afghanistan?" In hindsight this seems like an ...


You Can’t Beat Putin, Because He’s Already Won

A game theory guide to understanding the cynical genius of Russia’s president.

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Musharraf admits that Pakistani proxies fought in Afghanistan — so what does that tell us about where Pakistan is today?

By George Minde Best Defense guest columnist Former Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf made some news Friday with his public admission that Pakistan has supported insurgent ...


IR theory for lovers: a valentine’s guide

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. As a public service, I would like to remind FP readers of the important insights that international relations theory can provide ...


Poor countries are making huge gains against diseases like measles -- just as rich countries are falling behind

Poor countries from India to Zambia are making huge gains against preventable killers like measles -- just as rich countries are falling behind.


Is Obama letting domestic politics come before international treaties restricting the arms trade?

Is the president letting domestic politics come before international treaties restricting the arms trade? Or is it just good democracy to let everyone have a say?


The Kremlin’s $220 Million Man

Igor Shuvalov, Russia’s deputy prime minister, is supposed to have the cleanest hands in the Kremlin. So where’d he get a quarter of a billion dollars?

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Commander of Marine Wounded Warrior Regiment Relieved Over Loss of Confidence

The Marine Corps relieved the commander of its Wounded Warrior unit at Quantico, Va., on Thursday morning. The commander, Col. Shane “Rhino” Tomko, confirmed to ...


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