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The Soft Logic of Soft Targets

Everyone is freaking out over the France train attack. But the sad truth is, you’re more likely to be murdered in America than killed by Islamic State terrorists.

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Why she’s NOT leaving the Navy

Shaina Hogan, the Naval officer whose photo was used in the item I mentioned the other day, objected to its being used by “Task & Purpose,” the site that ran that piece.

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Risk: Everyone thinks they know what it means. But they don’t! And that’s why we nowadays wage wars of dwindling assets.

I was glad to see Michael Mazarr tackle the subject of risk the other day in “War on the Rocks.” Among other interesting things, he notes that paying attention to risk is a good way to assess consequences of one’s actions.

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Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: Postcard from Ukraine: strays in foxholes, the legacy continues

Over the last year or so, there have been a lot of wire photos coming in from the front lines of fighting in Ukraine showing muddied and embattled soldiers and volunteer fighters sharing a quiet or comforting moment with a stray dog.

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10 best books about how the Plains Indians adapted their mode of warfare

We typically think of the Plains Indian warrior mounted, usually on a painted pinto pony, wearing a breech-clout, long flowing feathered bonnet, and little else, with a bow and arrow or decorated Winchester in his hand, conducting a lightening raid, riding off, yipping, over the horizon; the “world’s finest light cavalry” someone was supposed to have said.


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