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How France Can Fix Its Homegrown Terror Problem

The man who allegedly attacked a factory outside of Lyon had been on a security watch list. So why weren't French authorities able to stop him?

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Amb. Joe Kennedy’s political savvy

“There is no reason to believe Chamberlain will not weather the present storm” — Joseph Kennedy, the U.S. ambassador to Britain, in a cable to the State Department the day before Chamberlain stepped down, in May 1940.


Is Modi’s India Safe for Muslims?

Hindu nationalism is on the rise in the world’s second most-populous Muslim country.

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Churchill on airpower: Sure, it may look fast, but it’s the least mobile form of force

“Strange as it may seem, the Air Force, except in the air, is the least mobile of all the services. A squadron can reach its destination in a few hours but its establishment, depots, fuel, spare parts and workshops take many weeks, and even months, to develop.”

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Obama speaks for me

“I will tell you, right after Sandy Hook, Newtown, when twenty 6-year-olds are gunned down, and Congress literally does nothing — yes, that's the closest I came to feeling disgusted. I was pretty disgusted."


Oren Agonistes

Israel's former ambassador to Washington has ignited a firestorm of controversy over his criticism of Barack Obama. Has he gone too far...or have his critics?


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