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Where the Drones Are

Mapping the launch pads for Obama's secret wars.

Best Defense

Beevor on writing about war

I was skeptical at first of his thoughts about writing about certain things causing insomnia, but then remembered that my wife once asked me not to read about My Lai after 4 p.m.

Best Defense

The wit and wisdom of Tommy R. Franks: Hiding his plans from the Pentagon

Just when you think that you’ve heard it all: I learned from General McChrystal’s new book that in early 2003, when McChrystal was on the Joint Staff, that Central Command, then led by Gen. Tommy R. Franks, “initially prohibited the Pentagon staffs from viewing their internal Web site out of a (common) fear of giving ‘higher headquarters visibility into unfinalized planning products.”


What Will 2050 Look Like?

From China’s population to NATO’s irrelevance, we actually know more about the future of the world’s power dynamics than we might think.


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