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Firings, ousters, and such

In what appears to be a first, a one-star in the West Virginia National Guard gave a female LTC an unsatisfactory evaluation in retaliation for reporting a sexual assault, an IG investigation concluded.

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Army training gets waaaay more serious

An infantryman training at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, Calif., let loose with live rounds the other day, hitting an Apache at least four times.

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Innovation and dinosaurs

On the other hand, sometimes listening to older military people talk about innovation is like listening to dinosaurs talk about whether to evolve.

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Firings & ousters

The officer who was XO of the Navy Riverine Squadron boat that wound up in Iran got the heave-ho.

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Ben Rhodes and the decline of professionalism in foreign affairs

The arrogance and cynicism of White House deputy national security adviser for strategic communications Ben Rhodes is the subject of a recent, largely admiring profile by David Samuels in "New York Times Magazine." It has generated ample criticism, ranging from the subtle and eloquent to the admirably and justifiably brutal.

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Essay contest (3): To bring the military into the Information Age, get and keep the right people — often as couples

The digital revolution ended the industrial age and brought with it a wave of changes to the government, military, and common people alike, in ways that are still developing and difficult to understand.

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Time & money: The 2 major variables in readiness, & what that means for planning

For three years I’ve been reading a lot of 1930s history, so the other day was reminded once again of Gen. George C. Marshall’s lament that before World War II began, he had all the time in the world and no money, and that after it began, he had the opposite.


Examining Sy-raq

For this week’s discussion on Syria and Iraq, The E.R. team asks "Is the worst yet to come?"


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