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A Head of STEAM

The case for teaching arts in the Digital Age.

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Military fairy tales

"So, this little girl was getting ready for a trip to her grandma’s house. Red Riding Hood started by doing a map recon and checking with the intel bubbas to see what was going on along her route."


Drones Kill More Civilians Than Pilots Do

For years, the Obama administration has claimed that unmanned aircraft limit collateral damage in the war on terror. The numbers show otherwise.

Best Defense

Impressive judge

He sentenced a troubled Special Forces vet to 24 hours in jail for lying about a urine test.

Best Defense

What the water looks like waaay out there

One of the surprises to me the first time I was on a Navy ship way out there was that when you are well out to sea, the water really is that strong blue color captured in this photo.


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