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Best Defense

Marines in charge

Meantime, I have nothing to add about the GBU-43/B fuel-air bomb dropped near the Pakistani-Afghan border, except that it seems to me to be the right weapon to go after a tunnel complex in hard rock.

Best Defense

A WWI soldier named Moses Neptune

In World War I, six members of the Passamaqoddy tribe, the easternmost Native American group in the United States, enlisted in the Army.

Best Defense

Reviewing the reviewers

In the past I’ve praised the toughness of the book reviews in the Journal of Military History, so I want to note here a couple of lapses in the reviews running in the April issue.


The Trump Doctrine Was Written By CNN

The president has officially reserved the right to use military force when he sees something that outrages him on TV.


Can Trump Learn?

And is the National Security Council shake-up the beginning of the end for Steve Bannon?


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