5-Star Hotels in 1-Star Countries

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Left: Fire fighters try to quell the fire and smoke that engulfs the Serena Hotel, during a gunbattle between Taliban militants and goverment forces, in Kabul on Jan. 18, 2010. Taliban militants, some of them wearing suicide vests, attacked key government buildings and a shopping center as a new cabinet to Afghan President Hamid Karzai was swearing-in. 

Right: A room inside the Serena Kabul hotel. 

Left: A view of the slums surrounding Arusha on March 30, 2008. Miners live in this neighborhood, and at the time this picture was taken a search was on for miners who went missing when a field was flooded following heavy rains. Rescuers searched for dozens of miners trapped by floods in a pit in northern Tanzania, as families gathered with little hope of seeing their relatives alive.

Right: A view of the lodgings at the Serena Arusha hotel. 

Left: Children sit on the street outside of their house in Kawempe Slum on Nov. 23, 2007 in Kampala, Uganda.

Right: A room at the Serena Kampala hotel. 

Left: A young Rwandan shows his national ID card, in Kigali on Feb.16, 2004, ten years after an orchestrated attempt to exterminate the Tutsi minority killed over a million people during the course of 100 days. Rwanda has abolished all reference to ethnicity on identity cards, which were were exploited by Hutus looking for Tutsis during the genocide.

Right: The Serena Kigali hotel's pool-side. 

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