Black Flag

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Posted on May 10 to the jihadi website, Shmukh, this photo was allegedly taken in Gaza.


Posted on May 17 to Shmukh, this photo was allegedly taken on the Lebanese-Israeli border in the Maroun region.


Posted on April 26 to Shmukh. The image is allegedly from Rabat, Morocco.


Posted on May 1 to Shmukh, allegedly taken in Tunis, Tunisia.


Posted on Sept. 8 to Shmukh. A Shmukh member wrote, "I received a picture from one of the brothers in Libya."



Posted on Nov 3, 2011, to Shmukh. A forum member wrote, "During our visit to Port Said [in Egypt], I noticed one of the mosques on 30th St., near Tujjari St., had hung the flag of the Islamic State."

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