China’s One Percent

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Jin Yu Xi or Yue-Sai Kan, television producer and host, author, and entrepreneur

Yue-Sai Kan is a big celebrity in China. People magazine once wrote that she is the most famous Chinese woman alive. She is a TV producer and host in Shanghai. She has written four books, and she founded the first major cosmetic line in China in 1989. Her line has since been sold to L'Oréal, but she still holds a controlling interest in it and remains its public face. But in a sign of China's arrival, the turn toward beautification has not been limited to makeup: Chinese women are now increasingly pursuing cosmetic surgery, with China now ranking third behind the United States and Brazil in the number of operations performed.


Ma Jing and Li Haifeng, owners of Penglai Eight Immortals business empire

Ma Jing, the daughter of a general, and her husband, Li Haifeng, are arguably the most powerful people in the city of Penglai and the owners of a business empire. They call themselves the "Magic Couple." Their latest project is building a luxury hotel complex in the style of an imperial palace. Ma describes her real estate holdings as China's answer to Versailles, the centerpiece of a business empire that Ma built together with her husband. Ma defied her father when she married Li and quit her job as a doctor in order to go into business with her husband; a restaurant was the first step in constructing their real estate empire.

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