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South Korean soldiers reenact the 1950 battle of the Nakdong River between South Korean forces and invading North Korean soldiers in the town of Chilgok on Sept. 29.


A forest fire engulfs Mount Merbabu on the Indonesian island of Java, at dawn on Sept. 28.


Taxi drivers protest outside the Greek Parliament in Athens on Sept. 29 during a 48-hour strike.


A young boy blows the Shofar horn in celebration of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, in the coastal city of Ashdod, Israel, on Sept. 29.


An Indian Hindu performs the Tarpan ritual, paying respect to one's ancestors, in Kolkata on Sept. 28.


Bolivians from the country's Amazon basin march towards La Paz in protest against a road project through a nature preserve in northeastern Bolivia on Sept. 24.


Residents get soaked while watching waves caused by Typhoon Nesat crash against an oceanside promenade in Hong Kong on Sept. 29.


People demonstrate in Lille, France, on Sept. 27, during a nationwide day-long strike by teachers to protest against the worsening conditions of the education sector.


Children salvage housing materials near Manila Bay on Sept. 29, in an area of the Philippine capital that was destroyed by storm surges unleashed by Typhoon Nesat.  

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