Prime Numbers


FP's guide to the coming urban age.


Asia Rising

The world's new top ten cities.


The World’s Detroits

At the height of its wealth and power, Timbuktu was an important crossroads for trans-Saharan caravans laden with exotic spices and a storehouse of knowledge, ...

Special Report

The Global Cities Index 2010

We are at a global inflection point. Half the world's population is now urban -- and half the world's most global cities are Asian. The ...

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Five places saying "yes, in my backyard" to the nasty stuff that no one else wants.

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Strange Brew

Does the Tea Party have a foreign policy?

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Awesome Aughties

The decade through rose-colored glasses.

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Best. Decade. Ever.

The first 10 years of the 21st century were humanity's finest -- even for the world's bottom billion.

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Soft Rock Power

Has American cultural dominance met its Waterloo?

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The Truth Is Out There (In a Library)

Forget WikiLeaks or Google. The state secrets that matter are waiting to be found in dusty file cabinets.

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