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My Drone War

American drones have changed everything for al Qaeda and its local allies in Pakistan, becoming a fact of life in a secret war that is far from over.


How to Beat Obama

The president is far more vulnerable than he thinks on foreign policy.


Mad Libs: War Edition

What's on the horizon for warfare in 2012? FP asked some of the world's top experts to fill in the blanks.

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How Gogol* Explains the Post-Soviet World

(*And Chekhov and Dostoyevsky.) The case for (re)reading Russia's greatest literary classics.

Photograph by Peter DaSilva for FP

The Body Counter

Meet Patrick Ball, a statistician who's spent his life lifting the fog of war.


Think Again: Cyberwar

Don't fear the digital bogeyman. Virtual conflict is still more hype than reality.


Collateral Damage

The "war on terror" still casts a long shadow in some unlikely places.

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The Obama Doctrine

How the president's drone war is backfiring.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Drones

When drones were created, how they're used, and what their future looks like.


Mongolia vs. eBay

How countries stack up against global corporations.


Supercitizens and Semistates

The global elites that really run the world.

Herman Wouters/Hollandse Hoogte/Redux

Inside Power, Inc.

Taking stock of Big Business vs. Big Government.


Hotels for Hacks

Six of the world's most notable "war hotels," in the words of journalists who spent time cooped up in them.


The Ritz-Carlton of Failed States

Welcome to the Serena Hotels, outposts of multi-star luxury in countries with zero-star conditions.

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