Why Washington Needs to Get Over Vaclav Havel

Want to boost democracy in the Czech Republic? A little less finger-wagging from across the pond might be a start.

Christian Caryl

Remembering the Fall

It's hard to remember just how impassable the Berlin Wall was -- until one day it wasn't. A memoir.


30 Years After Martial Law, Poland’s Blundering Hero Comes to the Big Screen

Thirty years ago this week, an unassuming mother of seven (later eight), wearing a modest black blazer and white blouse stood in front of an ...

Christian Caryl

Eulogy for a Quiet Revolutionary

What today’s activists can learn from the life and times of the heroic Polish politician who passed away earlier this week.


Democracy Lab Weekly Brief, October 14, 2013

To catch Democracy Lab in real time, follow our Twitter feed: @Democracy_Lab. Juan Nagel ponders the effect of decades of chavismo on Venezuela's work ethic. ...

The South Asia Channel

The myth of the American superman

Afghan perceptions of Americans and the United States come from a number of incredible historical tales, Cold War policies, conspiracy theories, and - of course ...

The South Asia Channel

The ever-evolving al-Qaeda threat

Since the brutal attack in Boston a few weeks ago, the word terrorism, without being preceded by the word "cyber," unfortunately returned to our lexicon.  ...

Situation Report

Hagel seeks changes to court-martial system; Chiefs have made recommendations on DWM; Why doesn’t Seoul have an Iron Dome?; Chesty got his EGA but who is Figgie?; And just a little more.

By Gordon Lubold  Chuck Hagel wants to limit commanders' power under the UCMJ. The Pentagon announced yesterday that it would ask Congress to overhaul the ...

Situation Report

Filibuster ends, Brennan’s CIA confirmation closer; How Assad lost the COIN; A “disservice” to combat vets: the push to demote the DWM; What Congress is doing for the Pentagon; Arming cyber warriors, and a little more.

By Gordon Lubold  Rand Paul ends his "old school" filibuster. The senator from Kentucky and other Republicans ended their filibuster against John Brennan's nomination to ...

Situation Report

John Allen might not go to Europe after all; Hagel nom takes another, heated step; Cruz: “over the line”?; Afghan withdrawal speedier than what Dunford wanted? And more.

There's a reason why John Allen hasn't been re-nominated for the top job in Europe: he's still thinking it over. On Sunday, Gen. John Allen ...

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