Watch: Here’s What Senior U.S. Officials Say About Russian Election Interference

Top intelligence and administration officials answer questions about the 2016 presidential election.


Could Trump Jr., Kushner, or Manafort Be Charged Under the Espionage Act?

If the meeting at Trump Tower feels to you like treason, that's probably because it may actually be espionage.

The Cable

Trump Appears to Confirm He Is Under Investigation, Attacks DOJ

A Friday morning tweetstorm has Washington scratching its head.


Comey: Trump told ‘Lies, Plain and Simple’

The former FBI chief goes on the attack in his first public account of his firing, accusing the president of pressuring him to drop Flynn probe.


Lebanon, USA

One Beiruti photographer went looking for America’s heart in 24 towns named for his homeland. This is his journey.

The Cable

U.S. Probes Into Trump’s Russia Links, Kremlin Meddling Gain Two Heavyweights

The Senate investigation gains a former NSA lawyer. The FBI probe gets a veteran prosecutor.


Spy Chief Nominee Backs Probe Of Russia’s Election Meddling

In confirmation hearing, Dan Coates said Kremlin interference needs to be addressed.

The Cable

U.S. Spies to Trump: Putin Ordered Hacking to Boost Your Chances

The President-elect still refuses to believe Moscow tipped the scales, despite growing evidence of a multi-faceted campaign.

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