The Madness of Crowds

The Americans who’ve suffered at the hands of Wall Street, and two long, ineffectual wars, are angry, and they’re going to make those responsible pay for it — by voting for Donald Trump.

The Cable

Situation Report: Obama Slows Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Clinton email probe is finished; Trump's long affair with Saddam; Cage, Connery, and the Iraq War; and a bit more.

The Cable

SitRep: More Airstrikes, More Dead Civilians; Syria Train and Equip Numbers

Fragile States Index; Aussies Allegedly Pushing Around Neighbors; And Lots More

Best Defense

Tom, to answer your corruption question: Here’s the best study you’ll never see

The most difficult problem with studying corruption is effectively measuring it.

The Cable

SitRep: NATO In On Afghanistan; Chinese, Russian Ships Peep U.S. Ops

U.S. Warplanes in Philippines; U.A.E. Done in Yemen;; and lots more

The Cable

SitRep: Obama Ramps Up U.S. War Effort in Afghanistan

  Rolling out. The Obama administration is sending U.S. troops in Afghanistan back into the fight. Word came late Thursday night that U.S. troops will ...


Blood Lapis: How Mining Funds Afghanistan’s Violence

A Global Witness report details how lapis has become a conflict mineral in Afghanistan.

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