Kunduz Déjà Vu

One year after the U.S. attack on the MSF hospital in Kunduz, I returned to the site of the massacre. The facility is still in ruins, and the Taliban are closing in on the city. Again.

Best Defense

How to handle Pakistan? 5 pointers

I have been reading Peter Tomsen’s "The Wars of Afghanistan."


From the Taliban Frying Pan to the Islamic State Fire

In Afghanistan, survivors from Islamic State-controlled regions speak of a cruel new regime that makes the Taliban look permissive by comparison.


The Final Front in the Afghan War

FP’s Dan De Luce talks to Sune Rasmussen and Andrew Quilty about reporting from Helmand Province, where the fighting has worsened and the Taliban is gaining ground.


First Helmand, Then Afghanistan

A trip through the country’s beleaguered south reveals demoralized soldiers, corrupt local officials, and sweeping Taliban gains in previously peaceful towns. How did Obama’s “good war” go so wrong?

The Cable

Despite Bombings, Advocates Still Hope for More Visas for Afghan Interpreters

A program to speed visas for Afghan interpreters working for U.S. troops during the war may be under threat after New York's bomb attack by a U.S. citizen with Afghan roots.

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