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First Helmand, Then Afghanistan

A trip through the country’s beleaguered south reveals demoralized soldiers, corrupt local officials, and sweeping Taliban gains in previously peaceful towns. How did Obama’s “good war” go so wrong?

Best Defense

Good books about the Afghan war???

If there is a book that really covers the Afghan war from the beginning to now, I’ve missed it. Is there one? If not, why not?

The Cable

Watchdog: United States Made Corruption in Afghanistan ‘Pervasive and Entrenched’

Billions of dollar the U.S. sent to Afghanistan made it a much more corrupt place.

The Cable

Clinton’s General Calls for Lasting Footprint in Afghanistan

The next president of the United States should stop the the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and consider expanding the capabilities of the American personnel there -- or even add more troops to the mix, said John Allen, a retired four-star Marine general with close ties to presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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