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U.S.-Backed Libyan Forces Take Islamic State Strongholds in Sirte

U.S. special operations assisted by calling in airstrikes.


Afghan Forces Use Child Soldiers, and the U.S. Still Gives Them Money

The Afghan government swore to do away with the practice, and, under its own laws, the U.S. government is barred from funding countries that employ it. So why did the United States still fork over some $470 million?

The Cable

Afghan, U.S. Commandos Launch Offensive Against ISIS

New fighting just after a massive Islamic State attack in Kabul

The Cable

Hillary the Hawk: A History

From Haiti to Syria, the Democratic candidate’s long record suggests she’s looking forward to being a war president on day one.


The Madness of Crowds

The Americans who’ve suffered at the hands of Wall Street, and two long, ineffectual wars, are angry, and they’re going to make those responsible pay for it — by voting for Donald Trump.

Best Defense

A grunt’s thoughts on the loss of Kunduz: I used to tell my squad that it was worth it

As I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed during my Monday morning commute I almost overlook a post from my old Company Commander: “Taliban Fighters Overrun Kunduz City as Afghan Forces Retreat.”

The Cable

Situation Report: Obama Slows Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Clinton email probe is finished; Trump's long affair with Saddam; Cage, Connery, and the Iraq War; and a bit more.

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