The South Asia Channel

How Afghanistan Survives the 2016 Fighting Season

Off to a grim and tragic start, Afghanistan must heed lessons from the 2015 fighting season and get creative in their strategies if this year's is to be any better.

The South Asia Channel

Can Afghanistan Survive September?

Despite its flaws and with a stronger commitment from all stakeholders, the National Unity Government is Afghanistan's best bet for political stability.


Pakistani Spies May Have Funded 2009 Suicide Bombing Targeting CIA Outpost

The ISI allegedly funneled $200,000 to the Haqqani Network to strike Forward Operating Base Chapman.


All Hail, the Brother of the Lion of Panjshir!

Ahmad Zia Massoud is fed up with Kabul and threatening to fill the power vacuum inside Afghanistan’s crumbling government.

The South Asia Channel

On the Trail of the Islamic State in Afghanistan

In Nangarhar province, Afghan troops are hunting a new and elusive enemy: the Islamic State fighters taking root in what were once Taliban strongholds.

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