The Cable

Serial Recap, Episode 6: Bergdahl Reaches His Breaking Point

Bowe Bergdahl thought the Army was failing him and other soldiers, but one incident pushed him over the edge

The South Asia Channel

Chabahar Port: A Win for South Asia

The Chabahar port agreement is set to be finalized in the upcoming trilateral meeting in Delhi. With all players slated to benefit, Chabahar looks like a win-win for all parties.

The South Asia Channel

America’s Afghan Refugee Crisis

After 50 plus years, the United States has caused more harm than good in Afghanistan. By accepting responsibility for the refugee crisis, it can begin to reverse this trend.

The South Asia Channel

A Plan Colombia for Afghanistan

In the fight to rid Afghanistan of violent extremism, the central government needs greater resources to gain a decisive advantage.

The South Asia Channel

In Afghanistan, No Leadership Means No Elections

The only way for Afghanistan to avert electoral disaster is if the Ghani government and parliament act together to take cohesive and swift action.

The Cable

The Long War in Afghanistan Grows Longer

Top U.S. defense officials say they're committed to Afghanistan for the long haul

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