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Afghan Taliban: Yes, We Did Cover Up Mullah Omar’s Death

Amid leadership struggle, Taliban leader's supporters back his experience.

The South Asia Channel

Is it Ghani’s Time to Shine?

When Ghani was elected, many thought he was the right man to repair the country. Despite all of his efforts, there are still four key areas where improvement is needed.

The South Asia Channel

Peril and Persecution in Afghanistan

Kidnapping, infertile land, and poor aid distribution are only some of the troubles the Hazaras face. They are victimized by militants, the Taliban, and maybe even the Islamic State.

The South Asia Channel

Afghanistan, Choose Your Enemies Wisely

The Taliban’s new leadership may be the last decent opportunity for a political solution to the conflict. Without one, the Islamic State will make Afghanistan the next Iraq or Syria.


Al Qaeda Is Losing the Battle for Jihadi Hearts and Minds

Ayman al-Zawahiri's latest audio tape shows that the group that organized 9/11 is a bunch of cranky old men compared to the Islamic State.

The South Asia Channel

From Aid to Trade

For Afghanistan's economy to stand on its own feet, the government must begin with these four reforms.

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