The Executioners’ Bill

After an alleged series of brutal executions by the Burundian military, should the United States consider cutting off the cash it's giving the country's armed forces?

Best Defense

Annals of wars we don’t know about: The South African border war of 1966-1989

Reading South African accounts of the 23-year long Border War between South Africa and the Angolan liberation movement UNITA on the one hand, and the Angolan government and army, supported by large Cuban forces on the other, is almost hypnotically compelling.


Why Are Chadian Youth Rioting Over a Motorcycle Helmet Law?

In Chad, a new law passed requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets. But the cost of helmets has now tripled and students fear they won't be able to afford their daily rides to class.


Burkina Faso Is Exhuming the Body of Africa’s Che Guevara

One of the first orders of business for the transitional government of Burkina Faso? The exhumation of the country’s former president, Thomas Sankara, who was ...


Beware Former Dictators Calling Themselves ‘Converted Democrats’

Forget the ICC complaint and 20 months of military rule, Nigerian presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari says he is a democratic “convert.”


A Second Chance for South Sudan

The end of war brings a chance to start anew. Step one: Scrap failed institutions.

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