The Cable

The Very Hungry Caterpillar From Hell

A nondescript pest is threatening African food stocks — and could be headed to Europe and Asia.

The Cable

Catch Up on The Presidential Debates: Somalia Edition

Not to worry: Even Trump came up, tangentially.


My Family Waited 13 Years to Resettle in the United States.

Weeks before they expected their visas, my parents learned they are banned under the president’s executive order. The new law will tear our family apart.

The Cable

How Not to Handle Criticism, Brought to You By Robert Mugabe

The Zimbabwean dictator’s very public, very amusing fallout with a former political ally in South Africa.


The Fall of Africa’s Loneliest Despot

How West Africa forced out Gambia's dictator, and strengthened its democracy, without firing a shot.


The Last White Africans

With 200,000 members, AfriForum is the leading civic organization advocating for the rights of Afrikaners in South Africa. Do the people responsible for apartheid’s crimes have a claim to their country’s future?

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