Outspoken Nigerian Envoy to Washington Dies Suddenly

Just days before he was slated to head home, the Nigerian ambassador to Washington died suddenly Thursday.


How the West Lost Burundi

While Western powers were making threats, Russia and China were wooing the country's defiant government. And that should be a wake-up call for countries like the United States.


In Ghana, Student’s Radicalization Prompts Fears ISIS Is Infiltrating Universities

Ghana is situated in a turbulent neighborhood, but has managed to stay free from signs of extremist behavior -- until this week, when officials confirmed at least two citizens have joined the Islamic State.


South Sudan’s Peace Deal May Not Be Worth the Paper It’s Written On

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir signed a much anticipated peace agreement Wednesday. But with 12 pages of reservations, is the agreement much of a step forward at all?


Radio-Silenced in the World’s Newest Country

South Sudan’s journalists are being murdered and jailed. But could a new peace deal end the country’s war on press freedom?


The U.N.’s Investigation Wars

An FP investigation shows how a bitter internal fight is making it harder for the U.N. to police its own crimes, from corruption to sexual abuse.


The Iranian-Saudi Proxy Wars Come to Mali

In schools, mosques, and cultural centers, Shiites and Sunnis are battling for African hearts and minds.

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