Radio Days in South Sudan

To reach people in a conflict, sometimes low-tech is the best tech.


The Old School, New School Media Battle Over Whether a Coup Took Place in Burundi

Burundian military officials used local radio to announce a coup d'état on Wednesday. But the president, who is currently in Tanzania, rejected those claims on social media.


“Whitenicious” and “Fair and White”: The Demise of Skin Whiteners in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is following in the footsteps of some other African countries, banning dangerous products that lighten skin. Despite these product's popularity, there is a growing movement against the skin bleaching industry.


New Hope for Children in Ongoing Central African Republic Conflict

Eight rebel groups in the Central African Republic have agreed to release children they held captive during the country's bloody sectarian conflict.

The Cable

Critics Riled by USAID Nominee’s Tenure Under Bill Clinton

Critics of Gayle Smith's tenure in the Clinton White House are lining up to blast her Africa policy.

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