In Nigeria, $2 Billion in Stolen Funds Is Just a Drop in the Corruption Bucket

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari claims his predecessor's national security advisor stole $2 billion in funds. Another $148 billion might still be missing.


The Battle for Uganda’s ‘Museveni Babies’

An entire generation of Ugandans has grown up under one president. Now they’re the principle battleground in an election that could end the aging strongman’s rule.


Report: Kenyan Military ‘in Business’ With Al-Shabab

NAIROBI — A new report says Kenya’s military has done a brisk business in sugar and charcoal in Kismayo, Somalia, but the trade has become a key financial lifeline for al-Shabab, the terrorist group it is there to fight.


Kabila Must Go

There are hints that the president of the DRC wants to delay presidential elections. Here’s why that would be a disaster.


Can a New Mapping Tool Protect Indigenous Land Rights?

Indigenous communities around the world are in uphill battles against governments and corporations to preserve their land. Now, a new mapping tool hopes to help them determine borders and protect their rights.


America Needs Peacekeeping Missions More Than Ever

The more the United States commits to peacekeeping efforts, the more powerfully — and efficiently — its influence will reverberate around the world.


‘He Would Not Accept Censorship’: Egyptian Journalist’s Arrest Signals Sisi’s Growing Anxieties

The arrest of Hossam Bahgat in Egypt this weekend is just the latest in a string of attempts by the Egyptian government to cover up bad news.


Burundi on Edge as Disarmament Deadline Passes

NAIROBI — Security forces went door-to-door in the Burundian capital of Bujumbura on Sunday to enforce a disarmament deadline that diplomats and analysts warned could tip ...

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