New Findings Pinpoint Africa’s Elephant Poaching Hotspots

Elephant poaching in Africa, driven by the illegal ivory trade, has reached its highest level in decades, threatening some populations with extinction. But recent findings published in the journal Science suggest a new way forward for conservationists, law enforcement, and policymakers: the use of genetic science to pinpoint the illegal trade at its points of origin.


Where to Invest Around the World, 2015 Edition

India’s up, America’s down, and Venezuela brings up the rear in the Baseline Profitability Index.


‘We Cannot Go Back. We Cannot Trust Them Again.’

After more than two years of vicious civil war and horrific war crimes, is there any hope for peace in the Central African Republic?


Why Is the United States Letting Its Best Foreign Aid Tool Fall Apart?

As America is blowing billions by using its military as a one-size-fits-all solution for emergencies around the world, USAID is understaffed, underfunded, and on the cusp of crisis.

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