Dear Obama: Corruption Isn’t Just Africa’s Problem

What the U.S. president didn’t say in his big Nairobi speech.


Migrants in Europe Are Using Power in Numbers to Chunnel Their Way to the UK

Migrants who have made it as far as northern France are desperately trying to get through the U.K., and they've realized teaming up in massive groups gives them a better chance.


Joseph Kabila Forever

The dangers of an extended presidency in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


In Ethiopia, Obama Says Republican Rhetoric ‘Would Be Ridiculous If It Weren’t So Sad’

On Obama's state visit to Ethiopia Monday, the president unexpectedly bashed Republican rhetoric back home.


Kenya, Open for Business

President Obama's trip to Kenya is a chance to jump start U.S. investment in the country — and across the continent. Otherwise, Africa may be China's for the taking.


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.

The Cable

Is There a New U.S. Airstrike Policy in East Africa?

U.S. drone strikes in Somalia show a changing fight.


Al-Shabab’s Resilient Insurgency

African Union troops are having their "worst year" in Somalia since 2011. Can they still mount a final offensive against the al Qaeda-linked group?


War and Weather's 'Toxic Cocktail'

In an increasingly vicious cycle, conflict pushes people from their homes — then floods or landslides force them out of the U.N. tents where they took shelter.

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