The United States Is Bombing First, Asking Questions Later

In the U.S. air war against al Qaeda militants, the civilian casualties are mounting — while accountability is becoming murkier.

The Cable

Trump Expands War Authorities to Target Militants in Somalia

Under a new authorization, U.S. forces are given more ability to launch attacks on al Shabab in the East African country

The Cable

U.S. Says Airstrike In Syria Did Not Hit Mosque

Videos emerged of a bombed-out mosque and dozens dead after an airstrike in northern Syria, but U.S. officials say they hit al Qaeda.


Al Qaeda Is Starting to Swallow the Syrian Opposition

On the sixth anniversary of the Syrian uprising, moderate rebels have never been weaker — and jihadis have never been stronger.

Shadow Government

From SEALs to All-Out War: Why Rushing Into Yemen Is a Dangerous Idea

The first foreign-policy crisis of the Trump administration may be in a country most Americans could not find on a map.


Osama bin Laden’s Secret Masturbation Fatwa

How the sexual torment of Islamic radicals helps explain the genesis of jihadi violence.


Imprisoned by al Qaeda, Saved by a Kitten

How I slipped my jihadi captors and escaped from Syria.

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