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U.S. Coast Guard Chief Warns of Russian ‘Checkmate’ in Arctic

As the warming region opens to new commercial and geopolitical interests.

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Oil Companies Cool on Arctic Drilling. Trump Wants It Anyway.

It’s hard to lure Big Oil to the Big Freeze when crude is at $50 a barrel.

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Boaty McBoatface Makes Inaugural Voyage to Antarctica

The little remote-controlled underwater research submarine that could.

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Here’s What Russia’s Military Build-Up in the Arctic Looks Like

While lawmakers and outgoing U.S. officials urge Trump not to let the ‘orphaned’ Arctic slip through the cracks.

Best Defense

Lessons for the South China Sea From International Experience in the Arctic

The recent row between the Chinese and the U.S. navies over an unmanned underwater vehicle is a glimpse of an evolving problem, which the new administration in the White House must address.


In the Battle for His Legacy, Obama Opens a New Arctic Front On Trump

Obama’s surprise -- and potentially sticky ban -- on offshore drilling is the latest midnight regulation in the land of the midnight sun.

The Cable

Climate Change Is Mauling the Arctic Worse Than We Even Thought

NOAA’s Arctic Report Card documents melting sea ice and a ticking time bomb of billions of tons of carbon.


U.S. Falls Behind in Arctic Great Game

Amid a global boom in icebreaker construction, the United States risks getting frozen out of the melting Arctic.


British Science Minister Does Not Want to Name $300 Million Research Vessel ‘Boaty McBoatface’

An online poll to name Britain's $300 million research vessel chose Boaty McBoatface. British officials aren't entirely pleased.


It’s ‘Very British’ to Name a Multimillion-Dollar Research Vessel Boaty McBoatface

A contest to name a multimillion-dollar shipping vessel means that names like Boaty McBoatface are suddenly being taken seriously.

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