Shadow Government

Cry for Cristina

Cristina Fernández Kirchner's bad year is about to get a whole lot worse.

The Cable

After 15 Years, Argentina Agrees To Pay Back U.S. Creditors

Argentina ends 15 years in the financial wilderness after agreeing to pay its debts.


Can Mauricio Macri Save Argentina’s Economy?

With Obama’s trip offering new access to international markets, Argentina's new president will have to be tough to survive the bold reforms he seeks.

Best Defense

Argentina sinks Chinese fishing boat

This is interesting: The Argentine coast guard tried to stop a Chinese fishing boat that it believed was operating illegally in an area rich with squid.


The Architect of the Holocaust Denied His Guilt Until His Dying Day

New letters released Wednesday show Adolf Eichmann's pleas for amnesty.


The Hunt for Justice

Documenting the legacy of a secret — and brutal — alliance of Latin American states against suspected leftists.


Argentina Finds Its Voice on Human Rights

Look for Argentina’s new president to get tough on Cuba and Venezuela.


Argentina’s New President Wants to Change the Way Latin America Does Business

Mauricio Macri is taking power with a mandate to jumpstart his country's flagging economy. But can he tip the region towards free trade?


Latin America’s Leftists Get a Wake-Up Call

Mauricio Macri's victory in Argentina may lead to a new era of honesty about human rights abuses in Latin America.

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