Syria Stalls U.N. Investigation Into Chemical Weapons Attack

Authorities in Damascus withhold critical evidence that could help identify perpetrators of the April 4 sarin attack on Khan Sheikhoun.


Syria Has Effectively Ceased to Exist

With Russians and Iranians in control in Damascus, the U.S. bolstering rebels, and no one powerful enough to press for unification, the breakup of Syria is a fait accompli.


Putin Has a New Secret Weapon in Syria: Chechens

The quiet deployment of roughly 1,000 Muslim special forces from Russia’s southern regions shows that Moscow is serious about upping its ground game in Syria.


The Trump Doctrine Was Written By CNN

The president has officially reserved the right to use military force when he sees something that outrages him on TV.


Trump’s Humanitarian Intervention in Syria Is Just Getting Started

But the president might be the last to know it.

The Cable

Assad Shrugs off Trump’s Strike, Uses Just-Hit Airbase to Bomb Rebels

Less than 24 hours after Tomahawk missiles pounded an airbase used in a chemical weapons attack, Assad regime warplanes are reportedly back in the air.


Syria’s Chemical Weapons Kill Chain

There’s a long list of Syrian officials with blood on their hands -- but the culpability goes all the way to the top.

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