The Blackwater of Jihad

A consortium of elite, well-paid fighters from across the former Soviet Union are training jihadis in Syria. Their business model could go global.


If Trump Wants Safe Zones in Syria, There Have to Be Boots on the Ground

There’s just no way to protect innocent lives without putting professional militaries into the fight.

The Cable

Russian-sponsored Syria Peace Talks Stumble Out of the Gate

In Kazakhstan, Russia struggles to get delegates from Damascus and the opposition to talk, while the U.S. sits on the sidelines.


Syria Will Stain Obama’s Legacy Forever

The arc of history is long, but it won't ever judge the president's Syria policy kindly.


A Tale of Two Syrian Cities

In government-controlled Damascus and western Aleppo, the two rival centers of Syrian life seem destined for very different fates.

The Cable

Can U.N. Monitors Stop the Slaughter in Aleppo?

The U.N. voted to send monitors to Aleppo. But some fear such moves could be too little, too late.


The Cynical Horror of Assad and Aleppo

This is not civil war; this is war on civilians.

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