A Syrian boy walks amid the rubble of destroyed buildings in Aleppo, Syria on July 22, 2017. (George Ourfalian/AFP/Getty Images)

Hypocritic Oath

How WHO and other international agencies aid Assad’s war against Syria’s civilians.

Vladimir Putin walks near a new Russian fighter jet Sukhoi T-50 on June 17, 2010. (ALEXEY DRUZHININ/AFP/Getty Images)

Vladimir Putin’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Moment

Russia's highly-touted peace conference to end the war in Syria was an utter debacle.

Turkish army tanks gather close to the Syrian border on January 21, 2018 at Hassa, in Hatay province.

How to Stop the War Between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds

Fighting between two vital U.S. allies will only strengthen Assad and Iran.

Damascus, SYRIA: A Syrian man arranges a display of national flags carrying a portrait of President Bashar al-Assad in a shop in Damascus, 26 May 2007. Assad stands tomorrow in a no-contest poll which will give him another seven years leading a regional heavyweight under immense international pressure. With parliament unanimously approving the candidature of the 41-year-old president for a second term, and with vocal opponents of the regime locked up, the referendum will inevitably anoint Assad as president until the year 2014. AFP PHOTO/HASSAN AMMAR (Photo credit should read HASSAN AMMAR/AFP/Getty Images)

Syrians Are Ready to Accept Bashar al-Assad as President

The war-weary country isn’t enthusiastic about its president, but desperate for a return to normalcy.

TOPSHOT - A man looks at smoke rising from buildings following a strike on a rebel-held area of the Jobar district, east of the Syrian capital on September 14, 2017.  / AFP PHOTO / ABDULMONAM EASSA        (Photo credit should read ABDULMONAM EASSA/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s Time For a New Syria Peace Process

The United States could decide to keep up the charade in Geneva, but if we want to see greater stability in the years ahead, we need to change course.

Members of the Syrian government forces stand guard at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Deir Ezzor on September 10, 2017, as they continue to press forward with Russian air cover in the offensive against Islamic State group jihadists across Deir Ezzor province. / AFP PHOTO / George OURFALIAN        (Photo credit should read GEORGE OURFALIAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Syrian Army, U.S-Backed Forces Rub Shoulders In Eastern Syria

Fighters from opposite camps converge on the ISIS stronghold of Deir Ezzour — with potentially explosive consequences.

US President Donald Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin hold a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, on July 7, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Trump’s Syria Strategy Hinges on Russia

But does the president have enough leverage to make Moscow do what’s necessary?

A Syrian family break their fasting on June 16, 2017, in the centre of Diyarbakir, during the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan.  / AFP PHOTO / ILYAS AKENGIN        (Photo credit should read ILYAS AKENGIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Inside Turkey’s NGO Purge

The Turkish government is targeting aid workers with intimidation tactics, inane red tape, and senseless deportations.

Baby Assad

Bashar al-Assad’s Son Flunked a Math Competition in Brazil Last Week

The self-described “normal kid” secured a coveted spot on the Syrian national Math Olympiad team.

A medical staff at Damascus Countryside Specialised Hospital holds a placard condemning a suspected chemical weapons attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhun, during a gathering to show solidarity with the victims in the rebel-held Douma on the outskirts of Damascus on April 6, 2017.
US forces fired a barrage of cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase on April 7 in response to what President Donald Trump called a "barbaric" chemical attack he blamed on the Damascus regime. Syria's regime has denied any use of chemical weapons and state media on Friday described the US strike -- which was reported to have pulverised the base and killed at least four servicemen -- as an "act of aggression". / AFP PHOTO / Sameer Al-Doumy        (Photo credit should read SAMEER AL-DOUMY/AFP/Getty Images)

Syria Stalls U.N. Investigation Into Chemical Weapons Attack

Authorities in Damascus withhold critical evidence that could help identify perpetrators of the April 4 sarin attack on Khan Sheikhoun.


Syria Has Effectively Ceased to Exist

With Russians and Iranians in control in Damascus, the U.S. bolstering rebels, and no one powerful enough to press for unification, the breakup of Syria is a fait accompli.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 3.44.09 PM

Putin Has a New Secret Weapon in Syria: Chechens

The quiet deployment of roughly 1,000 Muslim special forces from Russia’s southern regions shows that Moscow is serious about upping its ground game in Syria.

TOPSHOT - Smoke billows following a reported air strike on a rebel-held area in the southern Syrian city of Daraa, on April 8, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / Mohamad ABAZEED        (Photo credit should read MOHAMAD ABAZEED/AFP/Getty Images)

The Trump Doctrine Was Written By CNN

The president has officially reserved the right to use military force when he sees something that outrages him on TV.

MEDITERRANEAN SEA - APRIL 7:  In this handout provided by the U.S. Navy,The guided-missile destroyer USS Porter fires a Tomahawk land attack missile on April 7, 2017 in the Mediterranean Sea. The USS Porter was one of two destroyers that fired a total of 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield in retaliation for a chemical attack that killed scores of civilians this week. The attack was the first direct U.S. assault on Syria and the government of President Bashar al-Assad in the six-year war there.  (Photo by Ford Williams/U.S. Navy via Getty Images)

Assad Shrugs off Trump’s Strike, Uses Just-Hit Airbase to Bomb Rebels

Less than 24 hours after Tomahawk missiles pounded an airbase used in a chemical weapons attack, Assad regime warplanes are reportedly back in the air.

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