Australian Immigration Minister: Asylum-Seekers Make Up Abuse Stories to Get Into Our Country

Australia's immigration minister claims some of the Nauru reports were likely made up.


Around the World in 40 Books

Headed to Rio, Paris, or Cape Town this summer? We asked distinguished writers and thinkers to pick their favorite books about 20 of the world’s great cities.


Timor-Leste: Australia Is Behaving Like China in Disputed Waters

The Timorese prime minister is looking for U.S. support as his country presses Australia to finally negotiate a boundary in the oil-rich Timor Sea


In Australia, Using Facebook to Threaten Feminists With Rape Could Get You Jail Time

An Australian man has agreed to plead guilty after he used Facebook to make sexual threats.


Australian Lawmaker: I Shot and Ate an Elephant — and I Liked It

Australian lawmakers sparred over elephant meat, and one of them said he liked eating it.

Best Defense

Four questions from an Aussie military blog

How resilient is your force when technology fails?


Anti-Zika Condoms Unlikely To Stop the Olympian Spread of Zika

A condom company announced that it will provide anti-Zika condoms to Australian Olympic athletes.

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