Australia’s Mr. China

Canberra's new prime minister has a plan to shake up the country's balancing act between the United States and China. And Washington might not like it.


What to Expect from Malcolm Turnbull

Where does Australia's new prime minister stand on the country's most contentious issues?


No Politician Was Quite as Adept at Putting His Foot — or Onions — in His Mouth as Tony Abbott

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was pushed out of power Monday. Known for his many public gaffes, here's a look back at some of his most interesting word choices.

The Cable

Here’s Where China’s Economic Slide Will Hurt the U.S. Economy

China's economic slide could have a ripple affect on the American economy. But certain U.S. sectors are more vulnerable than others.


Bushwalkers in Australia Might Have Just Found the Wooliest Sheep of All Time

A sheep found in Australia this week is so woolly that it may set records in the sheep population there.


New Zealand Has Chosen Four Finalists for Its New Flag

New Zealand has narrowed down the contestants for its new flag to only four options. See what's on the table for a national vote later this year.


Currency Devaluation Shows the High Cost of China’s Soft Power

Beijing has been spending hundreds of billions of dollars to buy friends and influence its neighbors. Weakening the value of the yuan shows that the bill is coming due — and China may not be able to pay it.


New Zealand Wants to Change Its Flag. These Are the Finalists.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is tired of being confused for Australia.


Vladimir Putin’s Good-Cop, Bad-Cop Act

Russia's leader wins President Obama's praise for his role in the Iran nuclear deal. But ongoing disputes from Syria to Ukraine raise doubts about the prospects for truly friendly relations.

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