Sydney Hostage Crisis Spawns #Illridewithyou Twitter Campaign

There is now a predictable cycle that seems to follow every perceived act of Islamist terror: first the attack, then the violent confrontation with police, ...


The Fall Guy

The knives were out for Chuck Hagel as soon as he was appointed secretary of defense. At first, however, those blades belonged to the snarky ...

Best Defense

A clear warning from the Australian Army about ‘Fuzzy Writing and Fatalities’

That's the title of an article in the Australian Army Journal that a reader kindly mentioned to me after our recent discussion of the disastrous ...

Shadow Government

How the New Republican Congress Can Strengthen Obama’s Pivot to Asia

Just days after the Nov. 4 U.S. midterm election transformed the American political landscape by handing control of Congress to Republicans, President Barack Obama will ...


The Kremlin’s $220 Million Man

In 2006, Igor Shuvalov, then one of Vladimir Putin's economic aides and now Russia's first deputy prime minister, used offshore companies to purchase close to ...


The Looming Gas Glut

Companies around the world are spending billions of dollars in a scramble to start exporting ever-greater amounts of natural gas with hopes of feeding a ...


Cover Your Face, Then Pay a Fine and Miss the Show

Front-row tickets to a Saturday night show at the Opéra Bastille in Paris are already pricey -- upwards of 230 euros a seat. And they ...


Australian Government to Huddled Masses: Yearn to Breathe Free Elsewhere

Give the Australian government credit for honesty. Over the course of the last year, Australia has taken a hard-line approach in dealing with a growing ...


You Should Still Be Scared of Pyongyang

It has been 18 months since North Korea's last major provocation, a nuclear test in February 2013. Aside from periodic rhetorical outbursts from Pyongyang that ...


Obamacare May Hold the Key to Saving the U.S. from Ebola

Fear of Ebola has been climbing steadily in the United States since Tuesday's announcement that a Liberian traveler in Dallas, Thomas Eric Duncan, was diagnosed ...

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

Kerry Tells European Envoys U.N. Action on Palestine Can Wait till Israeli Election

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