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Chinese Delegation Blows Up at Anti-Conflict Diamond Meeting to Sideline Taiwan

Sparking a diplomatic row with meeting host country Australia.

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Australia Announces Citizenship Exam Will Now Test ‘Values’

‘Australia First’ immigration policies gain steam ahead of Mike Pence’s visit.

The Cable

Australia Calls All Hands On Deck to Reset Foreign Policy

Yet another longtime U.S. ally struggles to find its place in a suddenly changing world.

The Cable

Australian Politician Apologizes For Comparing Refugees to ‘Fleas’

The flap reflects a fierce debate in Australia over controversial refugee policies.


With Trump, U.S. Allies Turn to Plan B

Grappling with an unpredictable White House, foreign partners in Europe and Asia are weighing contingency plans and bracing for the worst.


Australia’s Refugee Policy Is A Crime Against Humanity

Bringing suit against Canberra over its barbaric detention policy would show the ICC isn't just for African strongmen anymore.

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