And the Winner of this Year’s PEN Pinter Award Goes to … the Man Slated for 1,000 Lashes!

Will the award be enough to save Saudi blogger Raif Badawi?

Observation Deck

Prize and Prejudice

Do international book awards dilute world literature?

Daniel W. Drezner

A tale of two VFW speeches

Your humble blogger is badly behind on many day-job activities.  As a result, I'm afraid that I can't comment in detail on Mitt Romney's foreign ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Rick Perry inspires a new foreign policy award

So I see Rick Perry gave a quasi-foreign policy speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars 112th National Convention.  Here's the gist of the foreign ...

Daniel W. Drezner

T-Paw’s foreign policy vision…. LIVE (and UPDATED)!!!

As FP's indefatigable Josh Rogin reported yesterday, GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty will " deliver a major address on foreign policy on Tuesday in what ...

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