The Cable

Leaked Records Show Shell’s Complicity in Massive Oil Corruption Scandal

New leaked records undercut Shell’s vigorous denials it was involved in a sprawling Nigerian corruption scandal.


The Coldest Case

Eugene Mallove gave up everything to pursue the holy grail of nuclear energy. Did it cost him his life?


These 25 Companies Are More Powerful Than Many Countries

Going stateless to maximize profits, multinational companies are vying with governments for global power. Who is winning?


If Nigeria Is a Petrostate, Why Is It Always So Short on Fuel?

Nigeria has some of the world's richest oil fields. But recent strikes prove its lack of refinery infrastructure could soon make it a failing petrostate.

The Oil and the Glory

Not the CIA, not bin Ladin — Exxon is the toughest nut

Since its birth as Standard Oil in the 19th century, ExxonMobil has been at once the most profitable, demonized, secretive and uncompromising corporation on the ...

The Oil and the Glory

What the laws of oil say about the U.S. presidential campaign

In a 2006 cover story in FP, the columnist Thomas Friedman described what he called "The First Law of Petropolitics." In it, Friedman revealed an ...

The Oil and the Glory

The Weekly Wrap: May 20, 2011

Bets on Medvedev: We have held back on making a call on the 2012 Russian presidential elections given the uncertainty and the many months before ...

The Oil and the Glory

The coming misery that Big Oil discusses behind closed doors

When big-thinkers at companies with the most skin in the energy game are behind closed doors and they discuss how the world really looks going ...

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