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A great book revisited: Rosen’s ‘Winning the Next War,’ about military innovation

Some 20 years ago I read 'Winning the Next War,' by Stephen Peter Rosen. I liked it then. But recently I had cause to begin re-reading it, and this time I am flat-out loving it.

Best Defense

Writing today’s war literature: Figuring out our story, not Hollywood’s or D.C.’s

More than rifles and bullets, the pen often defines a generation’s wars and veterans. A war’s narrative, more than battlefield victory or defeat, shapes the identity of its veterans and its consequent legacy.

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‘Through the Heart of Dixie’: A history of how we think about Sherman’s March

Longtime readers of this blog know that I am a fan of Gen. William T. Sherman. It seems author Anne Sarah Rubin may not share my unqualified admiration.

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Is Franzen correct on Amarillo, Texas, and how the rest of the world sees us?

Jonathan Franzen strikes me as a bit of a crank, but I keep reading his novels because I enjoy his writing.

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‘The White Donkey’: A Marine’s graphic novel of Iraq, loss and coming home

A graphic novel that reminded me of something that Marine drill instructors always yell about: Paying attention to detail.

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Winston Churchill, war correspondent

People tend to forget that Winston Churchill spent several years in his youth writing about wars in Cuba, India, the Sudan, and South Africa.

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Remembering War (IX): Can republican virtue serve imperial ends?

Julius Caesar famously crossed the Rubicon in 49 BC, a decision that precipitated the collapse of the Roman Republic. While Caesar wrote his own account of the conquest, what did the surviving generation think of war and the imperial peace that replaced the Republic? The Roman authors that replaced Caesar and Cicero often wrote under the supervision of imperial patrons leery of subversive rhetoric. Two authors, Horace and Livy, responded differently and left us independent and timeless insights on military virtue and the objective of military service to the state.

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