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Annals of war correspondence: Michael Herr is dead — and I don’t feel too good

Any “war correspondent” of the last 15 years would be a liar if he or she didn’t claim some influence from Michael Herr.

Best Defense

A fine book on Crook, perhaps the most un-generalish of great American generals

I was fogged in the other day, so I used the downtime to finish reading "The Gray Fox: George Crook and the Indian Wars," by Paul Magid. It is terrific.

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Firings and such, from Parris Island to the Morris review of Junger’s new ‘Tribe’

The commander of the recruit training regiment was ousted at Parris Island, along with the command sergeant major.

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Andrade’s conclusion on China: It is returning to assertive patterns of its past

A final item from Tonio Andrade’s book: He concludes in "Gunpowder Age" that China is returning to the assertive, even aggressive patterns of its past.

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