Best Defense

A guidebook for managing military talent

At any mention of personnel reform, most defense wonks and service members will either jump on their soapboxes for a sermon or run for the hills as fast as their legs will carry them.

Best Defense

Miller’s ‘American Power and Liberal Order’: Toward conservative smart power

The future of American foreign policy, and of the existing international order, is the topic of Paul D. Miller’s book, "American Power and Liberal Order: A Conservative Internationalist Grand Strategy."

Best Defense

Gen. McChrystal explains what he means by suggesting our rights will be curtailed

I wrote a note asking General McChrystal about the warnings he gave in a “Prism” journal interview I quoted yesterday. This is his response:

Shadow Government

Review: “On War and Politics”

Retired General Arnold Punaro in October published a book which details his service in Vietnam, his 25 years in the Senate working for Senator Nunn, his 35 years of active and reserved duty in the Marine Corps, and his 20 years in the private sector.

Shadow Government

Review: “Powerplay,” by Victor Cha

The book successfully answers its central question: Why aren’t America’s Asian alliances built the same as in Europe?


What Foreign Policy Staff Read in 2016

Writers and editors share some of the best books they read this year.

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