The Secret History of Diplomats and Invisible Weapons

The alleged use of a “sound weapon” against U.S. Embassy officials in Cuba harks back to a Cold War medical mystery.

Best Defense

We Are (Still) Living in an Orwellian World

Surveillance, drones, and never-ending wars have given new global resonance to the works of George Orwell.

Best Defense

The Dunkirk evacuation, and why it was a near-miracle for England and Churchill

This is an excerpt from my book, Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom.

The Cable

The Bookshelf: FP Staffers Review the New Releases

Just in time for the holiday break, FP returns to reviewing new and upcoming titles on all aspects of international affairs.

Elephants in the Room

What Are Republicans Reading?

As summer travel and holidays get underway, your Elephants in the Room contributors have resurrected a tradition from our erstwhile Shadow Government days and put together our summer reading list.

Best Defense

Book excerpt: ‘The Frontline Generation’ veteran meets a snide college professor

I knew the drill — state your name, major, and something inter­esting about yourself.

Best Defense

Book excerpt: WWAMD? (AKA ‘If Alfred T. Mahan were advising the president’)

As we seek to craft an international maritime strategy for the nation, Mahan’s point of view — adapted somewhat for today’s world — still presents a timeless message.

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