Is the Rise of ISIS Really Such a Mystery?

A fascinating new article struggles to comprehend the group's rise to power.

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Phil Klay’s ‘Redeployment’: Probably the best book I’ve read on the Iraq War

If you served in Iraq, or want understand what it was like for many people, you owe it to yourself to read Phil Klay’s book.

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Bungay’s ‘The Most Dangerous Enemy’: A fine analysis of a fascinating campaign

A few months ago, one of youse told me to read Stephen Bungay’s history of the Battle of Britain. Again, thank you. Even if I didn’t care about the subject, I would have enjoyed the book. Bungay can write, he can analyze, and he appears to be meticulous and thoughtful in his research.

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An Army chaplain’s reassuring theory about soldier suicides at Fort Carson, Co.

In Yochi Dreazen’s terrific new book, The Invisible Front, on how an Army general and his wife handled the loss of two sons — one to combat, the other to suicide — a chaplain offers the theory that Fort Carson, Colorado, was suffering so many suicides "because witches living in the surrounding mountains had cursed Fort Carson and the soldiers who live there."

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RIP, Jim Frederick

A summer reading recommendation from Tom Ricks.


What FP's Columnists Are Reading This Summer

What FP’s columnists are reading this summer.

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And we slide into summer re-runs

Starting tomorrow, the Best Defense will begin summer re-runs.

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A reading list roundup: Yet another bunch of China stuff; Bill Gates; Fletcher School

This one looks exhaustive, in both senses — it focusses on Chinese strategic thinking through the ages.

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