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And we slide into summer re-runs

Starting tomorrow, the Best Defense will begin summer re-runs.

Best Defense

A reading list roundup: Yet another bunch of China stuff; Bill Gates; Fletcher School

This one looks exhaustive, in both senses — it focusses on Chinese strategic thinking through the ages.

Best Defense

Schake treatment for ‘Team of Teams’

Kori Shacke has a good review of General McChrystal’s new book.

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Best Defense

Quote of the day: Gen. Mattis’ reading list, and why he looks more to the East

“Colin Gray from the University of Reading is the most near-faultless strategist alive."

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Churchill, the political war leader

Americans have a hard time understanding cabinet governments, especially coalitions of parties that have little in common. Presidential governments have fixed terms and broad powers, especially in national security. Few great leaders presided over fractious cabinets and rebellious parliaments. Churchill was one.

Best Defense

Despite Tom’s mocking, Michael Morell’s book on the GWoT is worth the money

When Michael Morell was just another kid in high school in Ohio, he thought nothing of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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