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The AVF & All-Volunteer Literature

Here’s a thoughtful comment (or question) about contemporary war literature from former Army Capt. Matt Gallagher.

Best Defense

In his debut novel, ‘Old Silk Road’: A soldier’s hard memories of Afghanistan

Here is an excerpt from the first novel by Brandon Caro, who served as a Navy corpsman in Afghanistan in 2006-07.

Best Defense

Churchill on painting

The other day I finally got around to finally reading Churchill’s fine essay on why he enjoyed his amateur painting. He singles out how much it improved his powers of observation.

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From the Dept. of Policy Relevance: A solid method for studying narrative

In "The Logic of Violence in Civil War," Stathis Kalyvas wrote of attacks on rich residents in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War.

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Operation Torch: Why it was important

The mailboat brings 'TORCH: North Africa and the Allied Path to Victory,' by the prolific naval historian Vincent O’Hara.

Best Defense

A naval classic revisted: Andrew Gordon’s fascinating study ‘The Rules of the Game’

'The Rules of the Game' is thick, meticulously researched, often tedious, frustrating but ultimately fascinating book about the slow and unwitting transformation of the British Royal Navy from the glory days of Trafalgar in 1805 to the indecisive and controversial battle of Jutland in 1916, when the British fumbled the ball.

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