Maduro’s Wag the Dog Moment

With tanking poll numbers, an economy in free-fall, and an opposition that's out for blood, is Venezuela's president manufacturing a national crisis to buy himself time?

Christian Caryl

Berlin’s New Walls

The free circulation of people is one of the European Union’s great achievements. It shouldn’t be surrendered lightly.


Sex Scenes, Made-Up Countries, and Letting Go of Facts

A longtime journalist details the travails of writing her first novel about Africa.

The Cable

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh Goes Trump With Call for U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh backs Donald Trump's plan to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.


Turkey’s Deal to Allow the United States to Fly Missions Should be the beginning of greater NATO Engagement

Turkey’s deal to allow the United States to fly missions out of Incirlik should be the beginning of greater engagement and support from NATO.

Best Defense
The South Asia Channel

Anatomy of a Fault Line

Early peace gestures by the Indian and Pakistani governments gave cause for optimism, but the two sides have once again drifted apart along familiar lines.

The South Asia Channel

India’s Wayward Words

India's recent war of words with Pakistan has been a strategic mistake.

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