Europe Can Still Save Itself

The EU doesn’t stand a chance against global instability if it can’t control its borders.

The Cable

Watch Pope Francis Honor Migrants at the U.S./Mexico Border

Pope Francis placed flowers at the foot of a cross at the U.S./Mexico border to honor those who died trying to cross it.


Europe Doesn’t Need Stronger Borders

The push for a bigger, badder Frontex is about political showmanship -- not a real solution to the migration crisis.

The Cable

Justice for ‘Affluenza’ Teen, Candidate For Worst Person of the Year, Delayed in Mexico

Mexican authorities have delayed deportation of the so-called "affluenza" teen, Ethan Couch.


Amnesty International: ‘Where There Are Fences, There Are Human Rights Abuses’

A new report from Amnesty International condemns Europe's border fences and claims they further endanger the lives of migrants and refugees.


The Sad Fading Away of the Refugee Crisis Story

What new horror must we see — after the trauma and destruction so well documented over the past four years — to capture the world’s attention and finally end this war in Syria?


Maduro’s Wag the Dog Moment

With tanking poll numbers, an economy in free-fall, and an opposition that's out for blood, is Venezuela's president manufacturing a national crisis to buy himself time?

Christian Caryl

Berlin’s New Walls

The free circulation of people is one of the European Union’s great achievements. It shouldn’t be surrendered lightly.

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