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Pro-democracy activists from Thailand are banding together in exile rather than submitting to the military junta.


Four Huge Immigration Problems Obama Likely Won’t Fix Tonight

President Barack Obama goes before the nation on Thursday night to lay out the executive orders he's issuing to bypass Congress and massively overhaul the ...


A Peaceful Kurdish Capital Gets a Brutal Wake-Up Call

ERBIL, Iraq — The call came in the middle of an interview. "There's been a bombing," Zhyar, my Kurdish assistant, told me. "Right in the center ...


The Free Market Did Not Bring Down the Berlin Wall

The United States has misinterpreted the end of Communism for a quarter of a century. It's time to set the record straight.

The Cable

Pentagon Request Shows Scant Science Supports White House’s Ebola Assurances

The Defense Department is seeking research that shows federal public-health officials and the broader medical community have a limited understanding of the Ebola virus, despite ...

Best Defense

Do Iraq and Syria no longer exist? (6): They still exist, but they are dying slowly

Laurence Pope, retired American diplomat:  "Both regimes still control their capitals, if not much territory...They are disintegrating, and we have nothing to replace them with, ...

Best Defense

Do Iraq and Syria no longer exist, and if so? (7): They never made sense anyway

Retired Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni, former commander of U.S. Central Command: "It is all based on Sykes-Picot, so why should it be sacred? It didn't ...

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