‘Lula Is Supporting Corrupt Companies to Do Corrupt Business Abroad’

An influence-peddling investigation into Brazil’s former president is the rare time an ex-leader faces charges for his business dealings after leaving office.


Why Brazil Won’t Take Dilma’s U.S. Bait

President Rousseff’s attempt to make domestic political gains with her trip to America is falling flat at home.

The Cable

Supreme Court Whacks Obama’s Power Plant Rules

The judicial setback sends the administration's mercury-emissions rules back for further review. But they've already accomplished most of what they set out to do.


Why Did Brazil’s President Change Her Tune on Spying?

After Edward Snowden's revelations, Dilma Rousseff came out as a fierce critic of the NSA. Now she's palling around with Barack Obama.


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.


Why Is HSBC Leaving Brazil and Turkey?

Because they have economies with flattening income inequality. And that's bad for business.


On Mother’s Day, Brazil Is Sending Its Convicts Home to See Their Moms

In Brazil, Dia das Mães is an unusually big deal. Families gather for celebrations and meals. The retail sector sees a spike in business topped only by Christmas. And thousands of prisoners are released temporarily so that they can go home to visit the women who raised them.

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