To Impeach or Not to Impeach Dilma Rousseff

From former guerrilla to fast-rising protege of her predecessor Lula da Silva, she was supposed to preside over Brazil's rise. Instead, the Brazilian president's career may soon be over for good.


In Brazil’s Coffee Industry, Some Workers Face ‘Conditions Analogous to Slavery’

A new report sheds light on punishing labor issues in the coffee sector, and on Brazil’s progressive efforts to protect farmworkers.

The Cable

IMF Sees the World Economy Heading The Wrong Way

The IMF projects the global economy is headed south.

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U.S. Public Health Officials: Zika Is Much Scarier Than We Originally Thought

The Zika virus is a far bigger threat to U.S. public health than originally thought.

The Cable

White House Shifts Ebola Funds to Try to Stop Spread of Zika

HHS chief says Zika's arrival in the U.S. is a matter of when, not if.


Let Me Tell You About the Very Rich

The Panama Papers highlight, with painstaking clarity, that austerity is not a shared sacrifice.


Meet the Andrew Breitbart of Brazil

As Dilma Rousseff and the Workers’ Party confront the prospect of impeachment, one right-wing firebrand has helped foment the conservative opposition against her.

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