Condemned to Life in Zikaland

In Recife, Brazil’s ground zero of the Zika virus, a community struggles to deal with the devastating spread of microcephaly.

The Cable

In Brazil, a Corruption Case Begins as Economy Still Struggles

Is the trial against Brazil's former president a balm for or distraction from the country's current economic woes?


Political Pranks in Brazil Put Starbucks in an Awkward Position

During a charged summer, Brazilians used Starbucks to express their political frustrations.


Brazilian President Insists She Is Innocent but Will Probably Still Be Impeached

President Dilma Rousseff defended herself on Monday but will be lucky if she's not impeached by Tuesday or Wednesday.


The Party Is Over in Rio

And now there’s no more avoiding the grim reality of Brazil’s economic and political crises.


An $11,000 Charitable Donation Is Saving One U.S. Swimmer From Brazilian Prison

Jimmy Feigen is paying a Brazilian charity $11,000 to avoid facing charges for making up a robbery story to police.


A Rio Gas Station May Be the Real Victim in U.S. Olympic Swimmer Scandal

Brazilian police say that Lochte fabricated the robbery story after he and other U.S. swimmers vandalized a gas station.


Was American Swimmer Ryan Lochte Really Robbed in Rio?

A Brazilian judge issued an order preventing Lochte and another U.S. swimmer from leaving the country.

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