How Brazil Crowdsourced a Landmark Law

When the time came to draft an important new “Internet bill of rights,” Brazilians took matters into their own hands.


The Hunt for Justice

Documenting the legacy of a secret — and brutal — alliance of Latin American states against suspected leftists.

The Cable

World Bank: Expected 2016 U.S. Economic Growth Won’t Save Developing Nations

The World Bank cut its global growth forecast amid concerns about slow growth in China and emerging markets.


Return of the Lula

With Brazil mired in scandal, is the leftist former president about to ditch his hand-picked successor and take the reins once more?


Why Did Brazil Block WhatsApp?

Was it encryption... or the tangled web of extraterritorial data requests?


Latin America v. Citizens United

What Brazil and the rest of Latin America can teach the United States about keeping unregulated donations out of elections.

The Cable

The U.S.-Asia Trade Deal Puts Dysfunction at the WTO on Full Display

The success of the Asia trade deal is a reminder of just how broken the WTO has become.


When the 0.00001 Percent Sneeze

The world’s tycoons are in turmoil. The schadenfreude may be strong with this one-- but when the rich get poorer, everyone should worry.

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