Divided We Brexit

The infighting over who will be the official voice of the British campaign to leave Europe isn't just about the referendum. It's about what comes afterwards.

The Cable

Don Rumsfeld Has Built an App to Play Cards Like Churchill

The former Defense Secretary's app offers players a form of solitaire with two decks reportedly favored by the British leader.


So Putin Killed Litvinenko. Carry On.

Britain has been cozying up to Russian money for years, and a dead spy isn’t going to change that.


The Britishness of Not Banning Trump

Parliament's little-attended debate over banning the inflammatory Republican front-runner shows the country has a more fitting way to deal with The Donald — ridicule.

The Cable

Unfounded Fears About Iran’s Oil Sparks Steep Global Losses

World markets are tanking amid misplaced fears about Iran's oil flooding an already oversaturated market.


Ban Donald Trump From the United Kingdom!

Yes, the parliamentary debate over barring The Donald is about grandstanding and showmanship. That doesn't mean it's a bad idea.

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