The Bosnian War Cables

The 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords is a time to reflect on the power of American diplomacy. But it is also a time for a reckoning of America’s dismal diplomatic response to genocide in the heart of Europe.


Can We All Stop Saying Migrants Move for Welfare Benefits Already?

Benefits reform in Britain is a solution that won’t work for a problem that doesn’t exist. Makes for great politics, though.

The Cable

China Just Took Another Step Toward Joining the IMF’s Currency Country Club

China's renminbi is one step closer to joining the U.S. dollar and other premier global currencies in the IMF's reserve fund.


Putin Suspends All Russian Flights to Egypt as Fears of Terror Attack Grow

Is Moscow getting ready to acknowledge the Russian charter jet downed over the Sinai Peninsula may have been felled by a bomb?


Is the Islamic State Taking Its Fight to the Skies?

The militants who control much of Syria and Iraq may be taking a page from the al Qaeda handbook and trying to blow up passenger jets.


U.K.: Explosive Device May Have Downed Russian Charter Jet Over Egypt

Britain raises the chance that an explosive took down the Russian charter over Egypt.


Slouching Toward Brexit

Arguments for Britain to leave the EU don’t make much sense, but that doesn’t mean the Euroskeptics won’t win.


You, Too, Can Buy Margaret Thatcher’s Power Suits

Spurned by London’s premier art and design museum, the Iron Lady’s wardrobe is off to the auction block.


Goodbye to the Dukes and Dames Down Under

The Australian knighthood of British Prince Philip helped pushed Tony Abbott out power in Australia. And on Monday, Malcolm Turnbull eliminated the British tradition entirely.

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