Insurance Companies in the Cross-Hairs of Terror Funding Crackdown

A new British proposal aims to keep ransom money out of the hands of the Islamic State.

Tea Leaf Nation

Does China Think the Sino-British Joint Declaration Is Void?

Recent statements suggest China pays little heed to the document governing Hong Kong's handover.


Prince William Wants the World to Help Save the Rhinos

Prince William Comes to Washington to Rally the Fight Against Illegal Wildlife Trafficking.

Tea Leaf Nation

London’s Hong Kong Blunder

How the United Kingdom lost the loyalty of the island city's people.

Best Defense

Welcome to U.K. Spec Ops, comrades!

Evelyn Waugh's summary of the HQ of British Spec Ops in WWII: "Experts, charlatans, plain lunatics and every unemployed member of the British Communist Party."


The Strangely Silent Majority in Scotland’s Independence Referendum

EDINBURGH, Scotland -- One of the most surprising things about the Scottish independence referendum, at least here in the country's capital, is the seeming discrepancy ...


The Catalan Connection in Scotland’s Independence Referendum

EDINBURGH, Scotland — There are a lot of people from outside the country who have come to wish Scots well during their referendum on independence. Some ...

Tea Leaf Nation

‘What’s So Wrong with Splitting up?’

Chinese netizens use the Scottish referendum to discuss democracy in their own backyard.

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