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The Bard of His Own Backyard

Shakespeare may never have left England, but he became the most global writer who ever lived.


These British Schoolboys Met Vladimir Putin Before Their New Prime Minister Did

It remains unclear how they pulled it off, but 11 British schoolboys got two hours with the Russian president.


When Donald Met Nigel …

Fear of immigrants. Demagoguery. Support from undereducated voters. A peek inside the budding bromance between Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.


Anjem Choudary and the Criminalization of Dissent

The most disturbing thing about a notorious British hate preacher is that his terrorism conviction is for something he said, not something he did.


Philippine Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Donald Trump from Former U.S. Territory

After Trump called the Philippines a "terrorist nation," at least one lawmaker wanted to do something about it.


Is 2016 the Year Women Change the World?

Studies show that when women comprise around 25 percent of a group, their influence dramatically reshapes culture. Is 2016 the year women change the world?


Nigel and Geert’s Wild Republican Convention

The Brexit leader and far-right Dutch politician travel to Cleveland for a Trump victory they see as their own.

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