Nigel and Geert’s Wild Republican Convention

The Brexit leader and far-right Dutch politician travel to Cleveland for a Trump victory they see as their own.


U.K. Defense Chief: The Brexit Doesn’t Lessen Our Military Might

Britain is expanding its military presence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Eastern Europe, and London says that’s proof Brexit has not undercut the U.K.’s role in the world.

Christian Caryl

Memo to the Establishment: Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Real

The competent politicians holding Western democracy together are dropping like flies. It’s time for them to embrace the tactic of stirring emotions -- for good.


Highlights From Boris Johnson’s Excruciatingly Awkward Press Conference

Boris Johnson and John Kerry had a shared press conference on Tuesday. It didn't go so well for Boris.


British Parliament Votes to Spend Big on Nukes

A large majority of British MPs back costly plan to replace the country’s fleet of nuclear-armed subs.

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