What ISIS Women Want

Western women who join the Islamic State aren’t victims who've been groomed or seduced by men. They’re committed jihadis in their own right.


Washington and London Are Looking For a Few Good Gay Spies

Britain's MI6 flew the rainbow flag from their London headquarters on Tuesday -- but intelligence agencies have not always been so accepting of LGBT spies.


Cambridge Researchers Find World’s Youngest Mummy

A CT scan on an old artifact revealed the remains of a tiny mummified fetus.


Expert: EU Now ‘More Vulnerable’ Than Any Time in Its History

There is growing concern about economic contagion sweeping Europe.


In Brexit Debate, David Cameron Recites European History, BoJo Sings in German

David Cameron and Boris Johnson cite everything from ancient Greek battles to enlightenment philosophers to prove their opposing viewpoints.


The Boaty McBoatface of British Politics

The Brexit fight is proving too big a stage for Boris Johnson’s brand of political performance art.

The Cable

Obama’s Trade Legacy Is At Risk of Disappearing

Obama's two major trade deals, in Asia and Europe, are now at risk of not happening.


The Blood Rubies of Montepuez

Some 40 percent of the world’s rubies lie in one mining concession in Mozambique, where a troubling pattern of violence and death contradicts the claim of “responsibly sourced.”

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