Steamrolled: The Murky Intersection of U.S. Diplomacy and Business Abroad

One of Europe’s poorest countries wanted a road, so U.S. mega-contractor Bechtel sold it a $1.3 billion highway, with the backing of a powerful American ambassador. Funny thing is, the highway is barely being used—and the ambassador is now working for Bechtel.


Political Risk Analysts See Ukraine as a Risky Bet Over the Next 10 Years

Consultants predict how much investors could lose to political turmoil around the world.


Venezuela’s Magic Number

Venezuela's bizarre system of currency controls makes no economic sense. Yet President Nicolás Maduro is determined to keep it.


Hitting Doubles in Havana

The Obama administration is beginning negotiations, in earnest, with the Castro regime. But getting to democracy and free market capitalism may take a while.


Could a Strong U.S. Dollar Wreak Havoc on Emerging Markets?

As the financial world’s elite gathers to discuss what’s in store for 2015’s global economy, a problem could be festering in emerging markets.


Terrorism Risk Insurance Gets 6 More Years

New Congress picks up where last one left off.


Russian Roulette and the Monetary Policy Bullet

Why the strong dollar is a disaster for emerging markets.


India Could Still Be a Manufacturing Powerhouse

But can Prime Minister Narendra Modi get his “Make in India” campaign off the ground?


Insuring Against Terrorism, Without the Training Wheels

The federal backstop for the market expires Dec. 31.


A Bad Business Model Is Taking Over the World

Razor blades and iPhones are like addictive drugs. Here's why that's bad for your wallet and the economy.

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