Breaking Up Sanctions Is Hard to Do

A historic nuclear deal with Iran is in sight, but unraveling the web of financial embargoes, asset freezes, and restricted oil sales won’t be easy.


Business Is Booming at Abu Dhabi’s Great Arms Bazaar

With conflicts raging from Ukraine to Syria to Yemen, there's something for everyone -- and every conflict -- at the world's most important gun show.


Transfer Denied: The Hidden Costs of Washington’s War Against al-Shabab

Somali-Americans worry that U.S. efforts to cut the money stream to the African terrorist group could lead to mass starvation back home.


The Other Front in Ukraine’s War for Survival

Ukraine needs a win in its negotiations with foreign investors just as much as victory on the battlefield.


Steamrolled: The Murky Intersection of U.S. Diplomacy and Business Abroad

One of Europe’s poorest countries wanted a road, so U.S. mega-contractor Bechtel sold it a $1.3 billion highway, with the backing of a powerful American ambassador. Funny thing is, the highway is barely being used—and the ambassador is now working for Bechtel.


Political Risk Analysts See Ukraine as a Risky Bet Over the Next 10 Years

Consultants predict how much investors could lose to political turmoil around the world.


Venezuela’s Magic Number

Venezuela's bizarre system of currency controls makes no economic sense. Yet President Nicolás Maduro is determined to keep it.

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