China Doesn’t Care What You Think About Its Stock Market Bailout

Screw moral hazard. Dire warnings from economists and investors hold little water in a situation that’s completely political.

The South Asia Channel

India Inc.’s Day Care Experiment

India's new corporate social responsibility law may be well-intentioned, but it is poorly designed and fails to accomplish its central goals.


Let Europe Make Friends (and Deals) With Iran

Germany and France may have been quick to travel to Tehran following the nuclear deal — but that doesn’t mean they’re not still good partners to the United States.


Looking Into the Black Box of Venezuela’s Economy

Figuring out what's actually happening in Venezuela's economy requires serious detective skills.


Happy Birthday, Dodd-Frank!

Seven years out from the global financial crisis, Europe is in turmoil, while the U.S. appears a bastion of stability -- and one piece of controversial legislation has been key.


Is India Really the World’s Most Attractive Economy for Investors?

How fundamental strengths, Modi’s reforms, and clearing out deadwood propelled India to the top of the BPI.


India’s Generic Drug Industry Has a Maggi Problem

Forget about lead-tainted noodles. India's world-beating pharmaceutical industry has officials worried over lax regulation and adulterated drugs.

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