Has the United States Lost its Edge?

The dollar is up, competitiveness is down, and the world’s most powerful economy doesn’t look as hot for investors as it once used to.


Frozen Assets

The newest front in global espionage is one of the least habitable locales on Earth—the Arctic.


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.


U.S. Assumes Arctic Council Leadership Amid Increasing Tension in the Far-North

As Washington steps back in the Arctic, other countries are investing in their military capabilities there.


The Fight Over Canada’s Patriot Act

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has introduced an ambitious and unpopular intelligence reform agenda. Can anyone stop it?

Best Defense

Canadian military cracks down

After various instances of alcohol-fueled problems on deployments, the Canadian navy ripped the beer dispensers out of its ships.

The Cable

Keystone Ruling Sets Up Showdown Between White House and Congress

The controversial Keystone pipeline had been in legal limbo, giving Obama a way out of a six-year headache. But a Nebraska court has thrown that hot potato right back in his lap.


A Global Energy Superpower Rises

The big question about America’s energy boom is not how much it will produce, but how much it can export.

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