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White House Issues Strict Rules for Arctic Drilling

New regulations could be a disincentive for companies to look for oil in the Arctic.


The Vanishing of Canada’s First Nations Women

More than 1,000 indigenous women have gone missing or have been murdered in Canada. Meet the sisterhood trying to bring them justice.


Solving Islam’s Extremist Problem Starts With Solving its Homophobia Problem

Muslim religious leaders who condemn acts of terror but promulgate intolerance are fanning the flames of hatred.

The Cable

Watch Air Canada’s New Attempt to Cash in on America’s 2016 Fears

Air Canada wants Americans threatening to move there after the election to visit first.

The Cable

Stanley Cup Hockey Is Even Better in Punjabi

The CBC is broadcasting Stanley Cup games in Punjabi.


Can Justin Trudeau See the Forest Fire for the Trees?

Canada’s photogenic prime minister promises a new type of enlightened, environment-friendly leadership. But he's still hooked on dirty oil.


Dating Site Wants to Help Americans Flee Trump by Meeting Canadians

Joe Goldman, 25, is dead serious about dating across the 49th parallel.


Wildfires, Blackouts, Evacuations: Four Ways In Which Climate Change Is Sending the World Up In Smoke

From wildfires in Canada to a severe heatwave in India, global warming is making its presence known.

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