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Canadian military cracks down

After various instances of alcohol-fueled problems on deployments, the Canadian navy ripped the beer dispensers out of its ships.


A Global Energy Superpower Rises

The big question about America’s energy boom is not how much it will produce, but how much it can export.


Keystone Fails in Senate (for Now)

In the end, congressional efforts to force approval of the long-delayed pipeline came up just short. That doesn't mean the battle for Keystone is over -- or that Obama is off the hook just yet.


A Pipeline to Somewhere

With the Keystone pipeline still in limbo, TransCanada gets the ball rolling on Plan B -- shipping tar-sands oil to Canada's eastern coast.


The Threats We Forget

The Islamic State and Ebola are the crises du jour, but a host of other persistent threats to national security are no less pressing. And combatting them will require unity of effort.


Fort Meade and the Maple Leaf

The terror attacks in Ottawa mean that NSA-style surveillance could be coming to Canada much faster than anyone thought.

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