Wildfires, Blackouts, Evacuations: Four Ways In Which Climate Change Is Sending the World Up In Smoke

From wildfires in Canada to a severe heatwave in India, global warming is making its presence known.

The Cable

IMF Sees the World Economy Heading The Wrong Way

The IMF projects the global economy is headed south.


Rob Ford, Former Toronto Mayor Beset by Controversy, Has Died

Rob Ford, a popular former Toronto mayor best known for drug and alcohol scandals, has died after battling cancer.


When Justin Met Barack

A brief history of belligerence and bromance between Canadian prime ministers and U.S. presidents.


Leaks, Possums, and Asbestos: 6 State Residences That Aren’t as Fancy as You’d Think

A partial list of presidential palaces that are more disaster area than Xanadu.


Canada Is Putting a Woman on Its Currency in 2018. Here Are Some Options.

Canada will put a woman other than Queen Elizabeth II on a new bank note for the first time in the country’s history.


Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Is Not a Real Revolution

The United States isn’t going to see the kind of change brought by the Arab Spring and Euromaidan—no matter how many millennials rock the vote.


5 Filibusters South Korea Outdid This Week

This week, South Korea beat out these notable filibusters, setting a world record.

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