These 1-Star Yelp Reviews of Embassies Make Us Question the Future of Diplomacy

When travelers don't get their visas on time, they get angry. And then they write Yelp reviews.

The Cable

The United States Isn’t The Only Country That Can’t Get a Deal With Europe Done

It now looks like Europe's trade deals with both Canada and the United States are dead.

Best Defense

The U.S. should be more like Canada and allow private refugee sponsorship

Through private sponsorship, Canadians are seeing firsthand how refugees can integrate. America should follow the example.


Can Justin Trudeau Use the U.N. to Rebrand Canadian Foreign Policy?

Since his election in October 2015, Justin Trudeau, Canada’s panda-cuddling, Vogue magazine centerfold prime minister known for his generous refugee policy and shirtless photographs, has ...


While France Bans Burkinis, Canada Welcomes Hijabi ‘Mounties’

Muslim women can now wear headscarves while serving in Canada's famous mounted police force.

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