Rob Ford, Former Toronto Mayor Beset by Controversy, Has Died

Rob Ford, a popular former Toronto mayor best known for drug and alcohol scandals, has died after battling cancer.


When Justin Met Barack

A brief history of belligerence and bromance between Canadian prime ministers and U.S. presidents.


Leaks, Possums, and Asbestos: 6 State Residences That Aren’t as Fancy as You’d Think

A partial list of presidential palaces that are more disaster area than Xanadu.


Canada Is Putting a Woman on Its Currency in 2018. Here Are Some Options.

Canada will put a woman other than Queen Elizabeth II on a new bank note for the first time in the country’s history.


Bernie Sanders’s Campaign Is Not a Real Revolution

The United States isn’t going to see the kind of change brought by the Arab Spring and Euromaidan—no matter how many millennials rock the vote.

The Cable

Obama: My Signature Trade Deal May Not Pass Anytime Soon

President Obama wants TPP to solidify his economic legacy. He's acknowledged it's going to be hard to get.


Québec to Trudeau: You Can’t Make Us Sell Marijuana

Justin Trudeau promised he would legalize marijuana. But he might not have Quebec's help.

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