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Citing Climate Change, Obama Shoots Down Keystone at Last

Just weeks ahead of the big Paris climate summit, the Obama administration put paid to a 7-year saga by rejecting the controversial pipeline from Canada.


Canada’s New Defense Minister Made His Own Gas Mask to Work With His Sikh Beard

Canada's new defense minister is a combat veteran, gang detective, and one of four Sikhs appointed to the prime minister's cabinet.


Controversial Keystone Pipeline Could Be Next President’s Problem

The company slated to build the Keystone XL pipeline is giving the administration a gift by delaying its request for a decision until Obama leaves office.


Move Over, America: Canada Is the Land of the Free

According to new research released Monday, Americans feel less free than Canadians and more scared on a daily basis than Bangladeshis, Egyptians, and Sudanese.


Longform’s Picks of the Week

The best stories from around the world.


Hard Body, Soft Power

After nine years of Stephen Harper’s neocon act, a new, inexperienced prime minister is going to dial back Canada’s hard power ambitions on the world stage.

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