Book Talk: Are the United States and China Destined for War?

It’s a law of nature: rising states and established powers come to blows. But can the Trump administration avoid a clash of nuclear superpowers?

The Cable

Americans Acclaim Pope Francis in DC Visit, But Still Wary of His Climate Activism

Pope Francis is popular, but his calls for action on climate change fall flat.


'The Look of Silence' Raises Questions About the Relationship Between Global Capitalism and Western Complicity

Joshua Oppenheimer’s unsettling new film, The Look of Silence, raises questions about the troubling relationship between global capitalism and western complicity.


Rebooting Democracy

Traditional democratic institutions are failing. It’s time for an upgrade.

Daniel W. Drezner

When is business NOT like politics or intellectual life?

David Brooks' New York Times column this AM is a riff off of a Peter Thiel lecture about the odd relationship between capitalism and competition. ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Why economic prosperity is still something of a mystery

Your humble blogger is currently knee-deep in a pedagogical project on the foundations of economic prosperity.  You can imagine my delight, then, that Daron Acemoglu ...

Daniel W. Drezner

A small question about the future of democratic capitalism

As I said recently, uncertain times in the global political economy is good for (my) business.  So I've been getting a lot of questions recently ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Are we in the middle of a norm shift?

At the risk of contradicting myself, I'm not sure whether the current crisis in markets means that we're in the middle of a fundamental shift ...

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