Not Even a Beauty Queen Is Safe From Honduras’s Epidemic of Violence

Even Honduras's superstar beauty queen isn't safe from the violence that plagues the Central American country. María José Alvarado, who was crowned Miss Honduras in ...


Vladimir Putin Is the Che Guevara of the Exhausted Muscleman Set

On Monday, Mickey Rourke, the former wrestler, actor, and muscleman,  bought a Vladimir Putin T-shirt at a mall in Moscow: When asked for a comment ...

The Cable

Exclusive: President Frank Underwood Wants a Seat at the Security Council. Is Anyone Brave Enough to Say No?

President Frank Underwood, the ruthless, scheming protagonist of the Netflix series House of Cards, murdered his way to the Oval Office. What will he have ...


The Mogul Takes Manhattan

China’s most eccentric tycoon just made New York’s homeless sing for their supper. Then he did magic tricks.


France Is Not Impressed with Thomas Piketty

In the English-speaking world, he's the economist du jour. But in his home country? Le shrug.

Tea Leaf Nation

The Limits of Mandopop

With mainland money flooding into Taiwanese celebrity coffers, activism takes a back seat.


The Great and Magical Gabo

Fame, acclaim, and a notorious friendship with Fidel Castro: The life of writer Gabriel Garcia Márquez was as fantastical and politically charged as his reality-bending novels.

Best Defense

Things I didn’t know: Chevy Chase’s grandfather was a hero of Midway

I learned the other day that Miles Browning, one of the heroes of the battle of Midway, is the grandfather of the comedian Chevy Chase. ...


Sugarfree ScarJo to the Rescue

If Middle East peace were only this easy.


The Rocketeer

Forget Tesla. Forget the Hyperloop. Elon Musk is all about space.

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