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At This Rate, Kid Rock Will Be President Soon. What Are His Foreign-Policy Views?

Kid Rock is a true “American Bad Ass” who will never back down from a fight. Maybe that's why some Republicans think he should run for Senate.


Godspeed, John Glenn. God Help Us, America.

The passing of a hero reminds us of a time when America’s leaders and aspirations inspired us.

The Cable

Vladimir Putin Takes His Bromance with Steven Seagal to the Next Level

In what promises to be a watershed moment for U.S.-Russia relations, the Kremlin just granted Steven Seagal Russian citizenship.


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Have Made Bank On the Speaking Circuit. They Aren’t the Only Ones.

Just a single speech from Snoop Dogg, Jon Stewart, or Jodie Foster could rake in more than $50,000.


The Vladimir Putin-Elton John Gay Rights Summit that Wasn’t

The British pop star and Russian president will no longer meet to discuss gay rights.


Russia to Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst: You’ll Always Have a Home in Crimea

The lead singer of Limp Bizkit loves Russia, and officials there think he'd like Crimea too. They're urging him to feel free to move there.


How North Korea’s Marchers for Peace Became Fellow Travelers

The Nobel Laureates and prominent activists who recently crossed into North Korea showed a shocking lack of sympathy for the North Korean people.


Not Even a Beauty Queen Is Safe From Honduras’s Epidemic of Violence

Even Honduras's superstar beauty queen isn't safe from the violence that plagues the Central American country. María José Alvarado, who was crowned Miss Honduras in ...


Vladimir Putin Is the Che Guevara of the Exhausted Muscleman Set

On Monday, Mickey Rourke, the former wrestler, actor, and muscleman,  bought a Vladimir Putin T-shirt at a mall in Moscow: When asked for a comment ...

The Cable

Exclusive: President Frank Underwood Wants a Seat at the Security Council. Is Anyone Brave Enough to Say No?

President Frank Underwood, the ruthless, scheming protagonist of the Netflix series House of Cards, murdered his way to the Oval Office. What will he have ...

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