Tea Leaf Nation

Chinese Stock Investors Seek a Savior, or a Scapegoat

If Shanghai's stock index is a proxy for national strength and pride, what happens when it plunges?


U.S., China, and Brazil Make Climate Pledges Ahead of Paris Summit

Major economies, rich and poor alike, are taking serious steps to curb emissions of greenhouse gases. That’s a sea change in global efforts to fight rising temperatures.

Tea Leaf Nation

China’s Cutthroat Academic Competition Is Ruining a Generation of Youth

The 'gaokao' college entrance exam is really a merciless struggle for wealth and power.

The Cable

Supreme Court Whacks Obama’s Power Plant Rules

The judicial setback sends the administration's mercury-emissions rules back for further review. But they've already accomplished most of what they set out to do.

Tea Leaf Nation

China’s Your Country, We Just Live in It

Tracking a viral, slightly subversive meme in Chinese cyberspace.

The South Asia Channel

The Chinese Connection

Evidence points to Chinese involvement in rebel movements in India's northeast, but this should not be a major roadblock in India-China relations.

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