If Only the World Could Fail Like Americans Do

Crises from the EU to China to the Middle East might become opportunities for bigger wins tomorrow.

Tea Leaf Nation

Young and Muslim in China’s West

Checkpoints at schools, confiscated passports, and no cell phones. Beijing is tightening the screws on Uighur youth in Xinjiang.

Tea Leaf Nation

China Waits With Bated Breath for Monday’s Opening Bell

With stocks swooning, trillions of dollars — and confidence in government policy — hang in the balance.

Shadow Government

Could China Save Greece from Financial Ruin?

As Greek voters head to the polls to decide their economic future, there's one country that already has money bound up in the country that has the capital to bail them out. But will Xi step in to save Tsipras?

Tea Leaf Nation

Chinese Stock Investors Seek a Savior, or a Scapegoat

If Shanghai's stock index is a proxy for national strength and pride, what happens when it plunges?

Tea Leaf Nation

Who Would China Vote for in 2016?

If Chinese citizens could vote in the U.S. presidential election, here’s who they would pick. (Hint: it's not Hillary.)


U.S., China, and Brazil Make Climate Pledges Ahead of Paris Summit

Major economies, rich and poor alike, are taking serious steps to curb emissions of greenhouse gases. That’s a sea change in global efforts to fight rising temperatures.

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