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Former CIA Director Outlines Russian Playbook for Influencing Unsuspecting Targets

John Brennan told lawmakers that intelligence revealing communications between American and Russian officials "raised questions" about cooperation for him.

The Cable

Top Threat Facing U.S. Is Cyber, Says Outgoing CIA Lawyer

Caroline Krass talked about cyber threats, enhanced interrogation, and future challenges for the new administration.


U.S. Govt. Hackers Get Burned by Online Vigilantes, Researchers

Or is Russia retaliating for President Donald Trump’s Syria strikes through one of its cyber-proxies?


The United States Is Bombing First, Asking Questions Later

In the U.S. air war against al Qaeda militants, the civilian casualties are mounting — while accountability is becoming murkier.


This Is How Five Eyes Dies

Looking back from 2019, the collapse of Western intelligence sharing under Trump was inevitable.

Best Defense

CIA vet: I still don’t like leaks, but they do seem to be part of the American system

The recent spate of leaks seems to be all but designed to impede President Trump’s administration from accomplishing its political agenda.


Behind the Latest WikiLeaks Dump: New News?

The jury is still out about whether the latest CIA document release will cause harm. But what they could potentially be holding back may be more alarming.

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