WikiLeaks Publishes Massive Archive of CIA Hacking Tools

Julian Assange is back, this time purportedly exposing some of Langley’s most sensitive secrets.

Best Defense

CIA service and sacrifice will continue, no matter who is sitting in the White House

“She should be back by now,” I thought as I paced the cold tile floors of the walled compound in a dangerous foreign capital.

Best Defense

Dangerous Liaisons: A CIA vet’s thoughts on Trump, loyalty, and the agency

I shudder at the idea of a president — any president, from either party — expecting ideological and personal loyalty.

The Cable

Drafts of Trump Orders on Gitmo and Interrogation Spark Fear of Return to 9/11-Era Mindset

The new president is reportedly considering moves to declare Guantanamo open for business and consider a return to “black sites” and enhanced interrogation for new detainees.

The Cable

SitRep: New SecDef Reassures NATO; China Angered by WH Statement; Moscow’s Military Cashes in After Sanctions

Big Russian Moves at U.N.; Syria Peace Talks Erupt; U.K. Misfire; U.S.’s Army’s Problems in Europe; Drone Killers; And Lots More

The Cable

Kansas Rep. Pompeo, Toying With Torture, Confirmed as New CIA Chief

The Tea Party Republican seeks broader authority for surveillance and enhanced interrogation at a time of high dudgeon between Trump and the intel community.

The Cable

Emoluments, Trump’s Tax Returns, and Theresa May: The Weekend Behind, the Week Ahead

Trump's first full week in office — already bogged down in scandal —is slated to be a busy one.

The Cable

Trump Goes to CIA to Attack Media, Lie About Crowd Size, and Suggest Stealing Iraq’s Oil

The new president keeps his campaign stump speech handy for a visit to the intelligence officials he spent months denigrating.

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