Others VS All Flat 2

The End of an Era … for White Males

As demographics change, so does the definition of privilege.

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Farewell to Arms

Has American fiction lost its political edge?

Spyware For Sale Final Flat 2

The Espionage Economy

U.S. firms are making billions selling spyware to dictators.

Original Sin Final Flap

New Credit Junkies

Emerging markets are developing a dangerous debt habit.


The Making of the Modern Superheroine

Why comic-book crusaders have nothing on the real-life women who changed the world in 2015.


Does Le Pen Read Houellebecq?

Why European intellectuals’ despair could herald the continent’s next wave of dangerous politics.


Could American Spooks Provoke War with Beijing?

U.S. intelligence agencies are turning spy missions into provocations in the South China Sea.


The Baby Benefits Club

Generous parental-leave policies at Netflix and Virgin might signal a shift in the global labor market.


The Paradox of Power in the Network Age

Who, exactly, will claim the virtual high ground?


Mexico’s Crude Capitalism

The country is providing a model for a new Latin American energy policy. But will it work?


Silicon Fallacy

Why Silicon Valley’s notion that failure leads to success won’t work for the rest of the world.


Japan’s Trans-Friendly Comic Book Revolution

From <i>Wandering Son</i> to boys’ love, how manga is helping straight-laced Japan come to terms with LGBT rights.


What @Snowden Told Me About the NSA’s Cyberweapons

From MonsterMind to TreasureMap, we’ve only just scratched the surface of the United States’ hyper-clandestine offensive capabilities.

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Japan Has Enough Plutonium to Make Thousands of Nukes

Tokyo doesn't want the bomb, but it doesn't know what to do with the fuel stockpile.

Adam Berry/Getty Images

10 Things World Leaders Are Thankful For

Why Angela Merkel is thinking of France, Khamenei is grateful for Lindsey Graham, and why China isn’t disappointed the United States is back in Iraq.

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