Daniel W. Drezner

Why economic prosperity is still something of a mystery

Your humble blogger is currently knee-deep in a pedagogical project on the foundations of economic prosperity.  You can imagine my delight, then, that Daron Acemoglu ...

Daniel W. Drezner

Everything I know about North Korea in one blog post

One of my favorite passages of fiction comes from Douglas Adams' The Restaurant at the End of the Universe:  It is a curious fact, and ...

Daniel W. Drezner

The tragedy of communism’s permanent museum

One of the glib jokes I like to make is that one country in the world needs to maintain a communist, centrally-planned economic structure.  This would ...

Daniel W. Drezner

One man’s pungency is another man’s horses**t

Roger Cohen's column in the New York Times today begs for an old time fisking.  So here goes:  Since visiting Cuba a few weeks ago, ...

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