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With Yemeni Casualties Rising, GOP Senator Looks to Block Big Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Citing concerns over Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, Republican Senator Rand Paul says he’s looking for ways of stopping a $1.15 billion weapons deal with Riyadh that would include the sale of 130 Abrams battle tanks, 20 armored vehicles, and other military equipment.


Tim Kaine Thinks ISIS Fight Needs Congressional Approval

Will Commander in Chief Hillary Clinton listen to him?


Scared Stupid

Americans’ greatest fears are actually the least of their worries.

The Cable

Senate Pulls Puerto Rico Back From the Brink of Fiscal Ruin

The Senate gives Puerto Rico a reprieve two days before a debt deadline.

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CIA Chief: We Won’t Torture, Even If Ordered To

John Brennan says he'll never go along with waterboarding.

The Cable

House Republicans Seek Blanket Ban on All Refugees

Following the mass shooting in Orlando, a large group of House Republicans are seeking to immediately ban all refugees from resettling in the United States regardless of country origin or profile, according to a memo and draft legislation obtained by Foreign Policy. The measure would go even further than Donald Trump’s controversial proposal to block the immigration of Muslims.


Ryan Blasts Obama on Foreign Policy — and Hints at Disagreements With Trump, Too

In a new blueprint for national security, Capitol Hill's top Republican straddles the line.

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