Time to Banish the Sequester Bogeyman

Those on Capitol Hill telling scary stories about defense spending are misrepresenting the real monsters under the budget bed. And it’s time to stop them.


Netanyahu: ‘This Is a Bad Deal — a Very Bad Deal’

Israel's prime minister thrilled Republicans but angered Democrats by blasting the White House's Iran nuclear talks.

The Cable

Susan Rice Tells Israel Lobbyists Their Demands Are ‘Unachievable’

It was a tough message before a tough crowd. On Monday night, White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice made the case for a diplomatic ...


The Elephant in the Room at AIPAC

Downplaying charges of partisanship, Jerusalem and Washington play nice at massive AIPAC confab.

The Cable

Top U.S. Negotiator Says the World Will Rally Behind an Iran Nuke Deal

President Barack Obama’s top negotiator to the Iran nuclear talks pushed back against her critics on Capitol Hill, arguing that the world would rally behind an agreement if the two sides manage to hammer out a deal this year.


Who Needs the Department of Homeland Security Anyway?

Why the case against a shutdown isn't a slam dunk.

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