Scared Stupid

Americans’ greatest fears are actually the least of their worries.

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Senate Pulls Puerto Rico Back From the Brink of Fiscal Ruin

The Senate gives Puerto Rico a reprieve two days before a debt deadline.

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House Republicans Seek Blanket Ban on All Refugees

Following the mass shooting in Orlando, a large group of House Republicans are seeking to immediately ban all refugees from resettling in the United States regardless of country origin or profile, according to a memo and draft legislation obtained by Foreign Policy. The measure would go even further than Donald Trump’s controversial proposal to block the immigration of Muslims.


Can Paul Ryan Save the Republican Party from Donald Trump?

A new report from the speaker of the House on national security sets out a dramatically different course than the GOP presidential nominee. Is anyone listening?


Ryan Blasts Obama on Foreign Policy — and Hints at Disagreements With Trump, Too

In a new blueprint for national security, Capitol Hill's top Republican straddles the line.

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Trump: I Have Too Many Hispanic Friends and Employees to Be a Racist

Trump: I'm can't be a racist because I have lots of Mexican friends and workers.

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Top Republican Calls for Investigation Into Deleted State Dept. Video

A powerful Republican lawmaker wants the State Department’s inspector general to launch a formal investigation into why the recording of a three-year-old press conference about the Iran nuclear talks was deliberately doctored -- and to find out who gave the order to do so.

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Dramatic Rise in Zika Cases Among Pregnant Women in the U.S.

The looming public health crisis from the Zika virus in the U.S. just got a lot worse.

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The Puerto Rico Rescue Is Going to Be a Tough Sell To Opponents

The House and White House now have to win over those opposed to providing Puerto Rico debt relief.

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