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Cash-Strapped Puerto Rico Wins a Temporary Financial Reprieve

Puerto Rico got a financial lifeline when its creditors agreed to take a 15 percent haircut.

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Arizona Lawmaker Under Fire for Telling Kids There are Schools for Suicide Bombers

An Arizona lawmaker upset parents when he told students there are schools for suicide bombers.

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As Expected, Menendez Announces Opposition to Iran Deal

Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey announced his opposition to the Iran deal on Tuesday, becoming the second Senate Democrat to challenge the White House’s principal foreign-policy initiative -- but giving opponents of the pact little reason to be optimistic that they can derail it.


How to Get a Better Deal With Iran

Don't listen to the naysayers. Congress can still force Iran back to the negotiating table — and the world will be a safer place for it.

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Kerry: There Is No ‘Better’ Iran Deal

Rejecting critics who say the United States should simply re-negotiate a “better deal” with Iran over its nuclear program, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday such a proposal is naive and based on a misreading of the last decade of diplomatic efforts to curb Tehran’s nuclear program.


Chuck Schumer's Disingenuous Iran Deal Argument

The good senator from New York may be voting his conscience, but he’s got the facts all wrong.


Powerful Democratic Senator Breaks With Obama on Iran Deal

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s decision to vote against the president’s agreement with Tehran could make it easier for other wavering Democrats to come out against it as well.

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P5+1 Nations Press Senate Democrats to Support Iran Deal

The White House says it’s confident it has the votes to override Republicans who reject the historic accord to limit Iran’s nuclear program agreed to by world powers and Tehran. But some of America’s closest allies are less certain, and are clearing their schedules to meet with wavering Democratic lawmakers in a push to keep the deal intact.

Shadow Government

Did Obama’s Trade Agenda Just Quietly Run Out of Time?

It was just weeks ago that the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) passed after a perilous journey through the U.S. Congress. The episode prompted numerous reminders ...

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