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Exclusive: In Rebuke of Trump, New House Resolution Defends NATO

In an implicit rebuke of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, a bipartisan group of 20 lawmakers have cosponsored a resolution in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the six-decade-old alliance the real estate tycoon has accused of being “outdated” and obsolete.

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White House: Sorry, But Ben Rhodes Won’t Be Testifying on Iran

The White House denied a request by a top Republican lawmaker on Monday for one of President Barack Obama’s closest foreign policy aides to testify on Capitol Hill, saying it poses “separation of powers” issues that raise “significant constitutional concerns.”

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Puerto Rico’s Financial Pain Is Only Getting Worse From Here

Puerto Rico defaulted on what amounts to a drop in the bucket of what it ultimately owes.


The Plot Against Puerto Rico

Washington set the small island up to fail. And now that the territory is on the verge of financial collapse, Congress is washing its hands of the blame.

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Puerto Rico Is on the Brink of Default

Puerto Rico is about to miss payment on $422 million it owes creditors.

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Lawmakers to White House: Get Tough With Beijing Over South China Sea

With Obama due to travel to Southeast Asia next month, senators call on the U.S. administration to counter China’s assertive moves in the region's disputed waters.

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