Report: Kenyan Military ‘in Business’ With Al-Shabab

NAIROBI — A new report says Kenya’s military has done a brisk business in sugar and charcoal in Kismayo, Somalia, but the trade has become a key financial lifeline for al-Shabab, the terrorist group it is there to fight.

Shadow Government

It’s Time for the U.S. to Tackle Corruption in Central America

Last year the United States took an important step toward helping the region clean up its bad actors. Now it needs to follow through.


Post-Soviet Doping and International Sports’ Corruption Problem

In the latest case of corruption in international sports, a report by the World Anti-Doping Agency accuses Russia of systematically doping its athletes.


Honduras’s Aborted Mission for Political Reform

Restive Hondurans fear a historic opportunity for groundbreaking political change is about to pass them by.


Does Ukraine Still Believe in Reform?

As the country votes in local elections, Ukrainians will weigh in on whether they still believe in the promise of a less corrupt tomorrow.


The Maldives in Meltdown

Past the white sand beaches, the country's human rights situation has gone from bad to worse — and this paradise has become anything but.


Smart Privatization Can Save Ukraine

How can Kiev save its moribund economy? By breaking the bonds between companies and the state.

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