‘Lula Is Supporting Corrupt Companies to Do Corrupt Business Abroad’

An influence-peddling investigation into Brazil’s former president is the rare time an ex-leader faces charges for his business dealings after leaving office.


Calling In Against Corruption

A Pakistani official set out to prevent bureaucrats from demanding bribes for providing basic public services. The solution: citizen feedback through mobile phones.


Why Angola’s Star Reporter Won’t Stay Down

Angola's corrupt leaders keep trying to silence Rafael Marques. So far, without success.


Ousted Ukrainian President: ‘I Supported the Ostriches. What’s Wrong With That?’

“Are you saying that the president of a country lived on the territory of someone else’s private zoo?”


What Would Happen If Billions of Dollars Stolen by Dictators Were Used for Development Instead?

What would happen if the billions of dollars stolen by corrupt officials, gangs, and crooked corporations every year could be spent on development instead?

Tea Leaf Nation

China's Onetime Spy Supreme Exits the Stage With a Life Sentence

With a life sentence — and a grizzled head of hair — China's onetime spy supreme exits the stage.


FIFA Says It Will Delay Vote for 2026 World Cup Amid Corruption Scandal

FIFA's secretary general also defended himself against allegations of corruption.

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