Shadow Government

Lessons From Kenya

The international community should challenge police abuse and fight corruption.


Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless

The family of Cambodian dictator Hun Sen sits on at least $200 million. But it might not save them from populist anger.


Forget Brexit. Rexit Is The Real Problem.

India’s central bank governor Raghuram Rajan railed against crony capitalism. But now that he’s leaving, who will rein in the country’s corrupt tycoons?


The Dissident’s Guide to Azerbaijan’s Formula 1 Grand Prix

One independent media organization is hoping to use the race as a guide to Azerbaijan’s endemic corruption, deteriorating press freedom, and beleaguered human rights activists.

The Cable

FIFA: Blatter and Other Top Officials ‘Awarded’ Themselves $80 Million

FIFA officials awarded themselves tens of millions of dollars after U.S. indictments last May.


How Tajikistan’s President Extended his Term—for Life

While the Central Asian country teeters on economic collapse and civil-war tensions continue to flare, the corrupt president made a move and secured his hold on power.

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