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Watch: South African Presidential Address Turns Violent

Jeers, fistfights and pepper spray in the parliamentary chamber.


Russia’s Last Opposition Hero

Vladimir Putin’s most vocal critic has survived crackdowns and intimidation. But Alexei Navalny’s latest gambit against the Kremlin may be his last.

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Thousands Take to Streets in Romania to Protest Attempt to Decriminalize Misconduct

Government officials say they want to fix overcrowded prisons. Romanians say politicians are trying to avoid doing time themselves.

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Scathing Government Watchdog Report Details Bleak Outlook on Afghanistan

A warning to President Trump not to mismanage Afghanistan.

The Cable

Greasy Palms Dept.: Congress To Repeal Oil and Mining Anti-Corruption Regulation

The same week former Exxon chief Rex Tillerson is expected to become secretary of state.


Why Is France So Corrupt?

France’s lax ethical standards are catching up with Francois Fillon — and boosting Marine Le Pen's campaign for president.

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