Why Ukraine Must Outsource Its Fight Against Corruption

Kiev is losing the fight against corruption. It's time for a radical cure.


Interactive: Visualizing China’s Massive Corruption Crackdown

A new tool shows how much was stolen, who's connected to whom, and where 1,500 of China's corrupt officials were caught.


It’s Apparently Easy to Steal Entire Highways in Russia

A prison chief in northern Russia allegedly managed to steal 30 miles of highway over the course of a year.


The Problem With Ukrainian Police Reform

Ukraine’s police are getting a much-praised makeover. But there could be trouble down the road.


The Worst Corruption Scandals of 2015

A number of corruption scandals exploded in 2015. FP looks back at some of the most egregious.

The Cable

IMF Chief Lagarde Faces Possible Jail Time For Payment to French Businessman

IMF chief Christine Lagarde is in legal hot water over a $432 million payout to a French businessman.

The Cable

FIFA Officials Suspected of Taking ‘Millions’ in Bribes Arrested

The Justice Department's investigation into FIFA graft creeps closer to the United States.

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