Shadow Government

Ukraine Is Going to Be a Big Problem for the Next U.S. President

Between the country’s corrupt and foundering government, and an aggressive Russia immune to U.S. attempts to rein in its encroaching behavior, the next administration needs to take Ukraine off the back policy burner.

The Cable

Watchdog: United States Made Corruption in Afghanistan ‘Pervasive and Entrenched’

Billions of dollar the U.S. sent to Afghanistan made it a much more corrupt place.


Yes, the U.S. Can Fight Corruption Overseas

But a U.S. senator’s novel proposal for doing it still needs some tweaks.


Congo’s President Is Preparing for War Against His Own People

Joseph Kabila isn’t preparing for new elections to pick a successor. He’s steeling himself for massive popular unrest by stocking up on riot gear and water cannons.


Nicaragua Is Turning Into a Real-Life ‘House of Cards’

Strongman Daniel Ortega is running for a third term (with his wife as VP) and cravenly removing all checks on his power. Sound familiar?


Will Congress Get Serious About U.S. Offshoring Loopholes?

The Panama Papers revelations were just the beginning. Now the FBI is worried about terrorist financiers exploiting American shell companies.


Brazilian President Insists She Is Innocent but Will Probably Still Be Impeached

President Dilma Rousseff defended herself on Monday but will be lucky if she's not impeached by Tuesday or Wednesday.

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