Obama Needs to Stop Playing Small Ball With Cuba

Or a Republican in the White House, backed by a fearful, anti-Cuba Congress, could undo -- in an instant -- all his good work.


President of Ghana: Car Accidents Are More Dangerous Than Gitmo Detainees

On Tuesday, Ghana defended its choice to accept detainees from Guantánamo who were never charged with crimes.

The Cable

Obama Says San Bernardino Attackers Like Mass Shooters: Hard to Stop

President Obama likened the search for lone-wolf terrorists to finding mass shooters.

The Cable

Washington and Havana Mail In Closer Ties

The United States and Cuba announce that normal mail service will resume between the two former rivals.

The Cable

Senate Bans Transfer of Detainees Held at Guantanamo Bay

The Senate just banned the transfer of prisoner from Guantanamo Bay.


The Last Year Has Been Awful For Internet Freedom

Autocrats around the world are figuring out ways to get around privacy and encryption tools.

Shadow Government

Obama’s Open Hand Meets Cuba’s Clenched Fist

The president is counting on his gestures of openness being reciprocated — but he doesn't know the Castros.


Do Presidents Trust the Foreign Service?

By letting career diplomats at the State Department languish, the White House is wasting one of its greatest assets -- at its own peril.

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