The Ugly Fight to Be Our Man in Havana

The confirmation battle for the next U.S. ambassador to Cuba is going to be a blood bath. Can a low-profile career diplomat overcome the Cuban-American lobby?

The Cable

Powerful Senate Democrat Faces Corruption Charges

Sen. Robert Menendez has bitterly clashed with the White House on Iran, Israel, and Cuba, but a case from his past may be what upends his political career.


Obama’s Bay of Pigs

The ad hoc plan to arm the Syrian rebels is looking eerily similar to the United States' most infamous foreign-policy misadventure.


The Last Gasp of the Cuban Collapseniks

The critics chastising President Obama for his deal with the Castros are using a tired and lame logic to make their case.

The Cable

Cuba Hawks Blast Administration Despite Havana Arresting Fewer Political Opponents

Top Cuba hawks in Congress slammed the White House’s rapprochement with Havana on Tuesday despite a significant drop in the number of political opponents detained ...


Hitting Doubles in Havana

The Obama administration is beginning negotiations, in earnest, with the Castro regime. But getting to democracy and free market capitalism may take a while.

Shadow Government

Obama’s Cuba Tourism Blunder

With the announcement this week of federal regulations governing President Barack Obama’s alterations in U.S.-Cuba policy, it is clear the administration is continuing its bad habit of ...

The Cable

U.S.-Cuba Thaw Continues With Tobacco Diplomacy

The White House plans to make it easier to get Cuban tobacco and booze into the country. But American tourists still can't fly directly to the island nation just 90 miles away.

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