The Cable

Politics Slows White House Push to Close Gitmo

White House and Pentagon take a slow approach.


Smoke ‘Em If You Gitmo

Hypocrisy meets Cohibas.


U.S.-Cuba Diplomacy Comes Out of the Shadows

For 38 years, the U.S. Interests Section was a flash point for controversy and a conduit for cooperation. Now that Cuba’s got a real embassy, can Havana and Washington talk like grown-ups?


The Untold Story of the U.S. and Cuba’s Middleman

New documents show how hard Switzerland worked to keep the Cold War from turning hot.

Shadow Government

Has Obama Forgotten About Human Rights in Cuba?

Seven months after President Obama announced his intention to normalize U.S.-Cuba relations, dissidents and human rights activists on the island are already saying they’ve been ...


The Forgotten, Mysterious Death of Cuba’s Top Dissident

Oswaldo Payá died three years ago today in what the Cuban government claims was a car crash.

Observation Deck

Why Cuba Needs to Follow the Singapore Model

Fifty years ago Lee Kuan Yew turned a tiny rock in the sea into one of Asia’s strongest economies. Castro could do the same in the Caribbean.


How to Build a Relationship With Havana

A strong partnership with Cuba is in America’s interest. Here are some ideas to forge bilateral ties.

The Cable

Kerry to Visit Havana on Aug. 14 as U.S. Ambassador to Cuba Post Remains Empty

Kerry is set to visit Cuba Aug. 14. It remains to be seen if there will be a U.S. ambassador there to greet him.

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