Shadow Government

Obama’s Cuba Tourism Blunder

With the announcement this week of federal regulations governing President Barack Obama’s alterations in U.S.-Cuba policy, it is clear the administration is continuing its bad habit of ...

The Cable

U.S.-Cuba Thaw Continues With Tobacco Diplomacy

The White House plans to make it easier to get Cuban tobacco and booze into the country. But American tourists still can't fly directly to the island nation just 90 miles away.


One Castro Is Dead. Long Live the Other One.

Rumors of Castro’s passing continues to swirl on social media. But it’s not the Castro you think.

Shadow Government

How Not to Negotiate With Rogue Regimes

“I am a Marxist Leninist and I will be one until the last day of my life.” -- Fidel Castro, January, 1967. “[As] Comrade Fidel ...


Sorry, But North Korea Isn’t a State Sponsor of Terrorism

And the State Department’s old list of bad guys needs a makeover.


How Miami's Cuban Hardliners Lost Their Way

How Miami’s Cuban hardliners lost their way.

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