It’s More Than Cigars and Rum: Why Cuba Matters

The Trump administration’s rollback of Obama’s opening to Cuba is a step in the wrong direction.


Trump Has Set U.S.-Cuba Relations Back Decades

This isn’t a strong statement on human rights. It’s a political sop to voters in Miami.


Trump Snubs State, Will Partially Reverse Obama’s Cuba Policy

The president’s Miami announcement is a window into a chaotic foreign-policy process that sidelines the secretary of state.

Elephants in the Room

Trump is Right to Reset U.S.-Cuba Policy

Reports are coming in that this Friday, in a Miami speech, President Donald Trump will unveil his revisions to former President Barack Obama’s controversial policy to normalize U.S. relations with the Castro dictatorship in Cuba. He's right to scale it back.

The Cable

Cuba Rollback Could Cost Trump on Jobs Front

Companies, farmers, and even many Cuban-Americans don’t want to see restrictions reimposed.


Trump Finalizes Executive Order to Put ISIS Detainees in Guantánamo

The draft directive backtracks on torture and black sites — but the shift in counterterrorism strategy carries new risks.

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