The New Face of Global White Nationalist Terror

The Charleston shooter, like Anders Breivik, shows how the radical white right has become ever more unhinged and dangerous.


The Gold, Skype-Equipped Shipping Container Being Used to Connect America With Iran

A gold-gilded shipping container, currently stationed in Washington, D.C.’s Woodrow Wilson Plaza, provides 20-minute video links to the Iranian capital of Tehran; Herat, Afghanistan; and Havana, Cuba.


Sick Beats and Sykes-Picot

This Arabic-language, M.I.A.-inspired Israeli girl band from the Negev desert is looking to become the Arab world's next pop superstar. History isn't on its side.

Tea Leaf Nation

Why Is So Much of Modern Chinese Literature Terrible?

FP sits down with Chinese writers and a publisher to discuss how the hated apparatus actually works.


Stopping the Illegal Antiquities Trade Could Be the Key to Defeating the Islamic State

Stopping the Islamic State’s destruction of the Middle East’s heritage and history must go hand in hand with defeating the extremist group.


The Tricky Politics of the South Caucasus Come to Eurovision

Glitter, glam, and ethnic nationalism: The tricky politics of the South Caucasus come to Eurovision.

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