Christian Caryl

Here's Why 'Timbuktu' Deserves Its Oscars Nod

The Academy Award-nominated film "Timbuktu" explores the war within Islam.


The Best of Saturday Night Live’s Foreign-Policy Skits

For 40 years the show has skewered world leaders and their politicking with satire and slapstick -- and the world is a better place for it.

Best Defense

Macbeth and the occupation of Iraq

Dunsinane, a play about the English occupation of Scotland after the death of Macbeth, is really good. And to my surprise, it is one of the best works of art I have seen on the American occupation of Iraq.


Gay Cruising in Modi’s India

The art of the pickup in New Delhi, where homosexuality is illegal, Grindr is growing, and policemen are waiting just around the corner.

Observation Deck

Prize and Prejudice

Do international book awards dilute world literature?

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