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At This Rate, Kid Rock Will Be President Soon. What Are His Foreign-Policy Views?

Kid Rock is a true “American Bad Ass” who will never back down from a fight. Maybe that's why some Republicans think he should run for Senate.


Donald Trump’s Assault on the Enlightenment

The new administration is looking to cut federal funding for arts and humanities education. It’s not cost savings; it’s an attack on reason itself.


What Foreign Policy Staff Read in 2016

Writers and editors share some of the best books they read this year.


The Foreign Policy Wonk’s Best Songs of 2016

From Filipino folk to Ukrainian pop to the Rolling Stones, it was a turbulent political year, with a soundtrack to match.


Last-Minute Gifts for Wonks: 2016 Edition

Here are some gifts from around the world, fit for even the most insatiable global affairs glutton.


Night Creatures

Out of work, Cuban youth revel after dark in Havana's underground electronic music scene.


The Myth of Chaebol Exceptionalism

Everyone wants to blame South Korea’s incestuous business culture for the recent failures of its massive conglomerates. But that’s not the reason they’re in a funk.


Politics Are on Exhibit at Migration Museums, Not History

Museums around the world are now trying to teach the virtues of immigration. But their simplistic stories do citizens a disservice.

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