The Islamic State Raises Its Flag Over Palmyra’s Ruins

The Islamic State released a photo Friday showing its black-and-white flag flying high above the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, which is home to ruins ...


China’s Bizarre, Centuries-Old Tradition: Corpse-Snatching

Sometimes, even today, it's the only way to hold the bad guys accountable.

Tea Leaf Nation

Stephen Schwarzman Wants to Create a Global Network for Peace

The private equity mogul does not think of his eponymous China studies program as just a scholarship — he thinks of it as a way to avoid war.


Footloose and Falun Gong

An evening with the dance performance trying to bring down the Chinese Communist Party.

Tea Leaf Nation

Will China Ban Katy Perry?

The American pop singer just gave a concert in Taiwan — while wearing a Taiwanese flag and a sunflower dress.


‘I Am a Kwerekwere’

Life as a foreigner in xenophobic South Africa.


Two Islamic State Fighters Walk Into a Bar…

How Arabs are mocking the self-proclaimed Caliphate.

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