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Dredging Up the Demons

Is collective memory of national nightmares always a good thing?

The Cable

Ludacris Said George W. Bush Was America’s Worst President. Now He’s Performing at Gitmo.

Nothing says Fourth of July like a free Ludacris concert at Guantanamo Bay.


The Middle East’s New Renaissance

It’s time to let go of outmoded — and parochial — ideas about what “culture” and “civilization” in the Arab world is supposed to look like.


Daesh and Cultural Alzheimer’s

"Daesh is engaged in a destructive frenzy. Through decapitations and massacres, it annihilates people who don’t embrace its vision of Islam. It also sacks antiquities: ...


Art Is a Window to the Arab World’s Soul

If you want to understand the Middle East (in Washington, D.C.), ditch the think-tank panels and catch the photo exhibits and hip-hop shows by Arab artists.

Observation Deck

A Head of STEAM

The case for teaching arts in the Digital Age.


In New Delhi, a Nation’s Treasures Consumed by Fire

“A loss of a natural history collection at this scale has not been seen outside of war."

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