Elephants in the Room

America’s Arab Allies Should Work Together to Stop Iranian Cyberattacks

Instead of a comprehensive solution to the region’s security threats, the Trump administration should narrow its focus.

The Cable

Security Firms Tie WannaCry Ransomware to North Korea

But in the murky world of cyberspace, that doesn’t mean Pyongyang ordered the attack.


Who Is Really to Blame for the WannaCry Ransomware?

Microsoft, the NSA, computer users, and the nature of computer science all bear a portion of the blame.


The United States Is Not Ready for a Cyber-Pearl Harbor

The weekend’s massive “ransomware” attack exposed the glaring vulnerabilities in our cybersecurity readiness.

The Cable

SitRep: North Korea Says It’s Nuke Ready; Another Afghan Surge; UAE, Turkish Leaders Come to White House

Japan Boosting Missile Defenses; Global Cyber Attack Deepens; ISIS Deal Cancelled by U.S. Air Force; And Lots More

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